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formerly known as New Super Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart Race Courses Remasters Deluxe Edition Kart of the Year Edition & Knuckles, the theoretical sequel to FuckPak, by yours truly.

This includes some pretty sub-par maps i guess???? cool ok​

Maps based off of the original Hernan Pack maps.



Looks like the old park has moved to a new location! Drive around this somewhat weirdly claustrophobic park, filled with luscious green and a sight-seeing lake! (You won't see the lake normally. Better luck next time I suppose.)

Encore mode transforms morning to late afternoon



The legendary mushroom peaks:tm: has gotten a makeover! Drive around bouncy shrooms with more air control! Only $6.99.

Encore mode color scheme is based on Sonic CD's Wacky Workbench​
Various maps that are somewhat based off of their source material.



Drive along this glamorous road as the road level significantly increases! Does not follow physics properly.

Encore mode color scheme is based on the Prismriver Sister's colors (red, black, and slightly pink)


Unseen and unrefurbished looking mansion up ahead! No items, and extreme platforming style challenge awaits.

Does not have an encore mode color scheme (yet)​

  • Hernan: This started off as a Hernan Pack remake.
  • Mr. Logan, for legitimately being interested in this project LMAO
  • TetraKanyx, need i say more? a big help with kickstarting this project, and giving ideas.
  • AchiiroMako, for some custom textures, springs, my entire mapping career and stairs.
  • Ashnal, for the Stackable Boost Panel script.
  • Diggle, for some textures and putting up with my bullshit.
  • JugadorXEI, for the mushroom lua, and providing real feedback!
  • Cole, for providing the staff attack record time for Mushroom Plunge.
  • Barki, for the easter egg idea in Mushroom Plunge.
  • Karts R Us, fuck karts r us
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Latest updates

  1. Rebrand! and v2!! REAL

    I know some of y'all want to know why I'm dropping the old name of this pack, and it's simply...

Latest reviews

I have mixed-to-good feelings about this pack. It's hard to tackle how I should review it because it's half-in-half between serious level design and some funny stuff here and there, so I'll try to be impartial.

Let's go over the "objectively bad" stuff first: there's some prints on each map load (I think it's printing the map slot?) and some errors over GFZROCK being unable to be parsed, you may want to look into those.

Thick Plaza: A perfectly inoffensive design with some funny springs here and there.
- The major readability issues I noticed were the split on the "Don't Get Distracted" sign, in which I'd dunk myself into the grass multiple times before I got the hint, and the cut just before the ramp is not obvious at all.
- On software, it seems the trees on the skybox every once in a while just get too close to the camera and flash it, which doesn't happen in OGL, you may wanna look into that.
- I'd also just ROZLITW the sneaker panels at the last section.
- Of course, the wall springs before the finish lap are twitch clip and #replay GIF generators, and they're probably a fun/10 in that scale.

SRB2K Mushroom Plunge:
- Honestly, this level messed with my head extremely bad. The air controls are a weird inbetween of Peaks' "nothing" and Spires' "everything", the fact that I cannot use items or release miniturbos in midair means I miss mushrooms I really shouldn't have.
- Nevertheless, the layout is surprisingly serviceable, and as long as players notice that they can alter their trajectory with just braking and accelerating, it should be fine. It's a bit of a design problem on how to convey that, though.
- The Touge section has the same problem as the map, the roads are thin enough that a mine can cover all of it. Probably what you intended, though, given there's also a huge sneaker panel on the side.
- The Crimson Core X midtextures actually make the level less readable, specially after the second mushroom jumps.
- The easter egg is very funny. Can you even complete it, I wonder?

Salutation Gateway:
- The offroad sound will tickle my brain from now on.
- Perfectly fine layout.
- The only readability issue I found is that the starting area can easily be confused with the way to go instead of the finish line, you should lightly raise it.

Looking forward to more from this pack, since I think I like the basic idea, it just needs some more time in the ZoneBuilder oven.
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If FuckPack is so go then why isn't there a FuckPack 2?

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Fuck, this is great, welcome to releases!
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