This + Fall Damage = MAX REALISM
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Great! I like the music too.
But my only complaint is that there's no command for it to always be night.
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Finally Sunset Aris can have a sunset!
But Seriously this mod definitely is going to be one of the srb2 improvements list of mods, it just makes everything beautiful, its a nice touch that theres werehog compatibility and the music changes (also made a great title screen), just really wish the night was a bit less dark, because it makes it look like more of a challenge than an improvement
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good for adding some s p i c e to srb2. reccomened mod!
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Does what it needs to do, but customisability and mod interactivity could be better executed. The system seems to assume every level takes place at day time, which isn't true for both modded levels and the vanilla campaign. It then replaces the sky texture with a series of recolours of Greenflower Zone's sky texture. When night falls, it makes the level even darker than it already is which greatly reduces playability in levels that take place at night time. My suggestion to fix this is to introduce a level header parameter which specifies what time of day the level takes place at, either as an enumeration or an integer correlating to progress through the day cycle (preferably the latter). This would allow the system to adjust the sector brightness changes accordingly. Additionally, allowing the map to define its own textures for various times of day would improve compatibility.
The script currently keeps track of time using two integers: one determining how long until sunset or sunrise, and another determining progress through sunset or sunrise. In order to allow maps to define the precise time of day they take place in it may be necessary to combine these into a single integer and change the appearance of the level depending on its value. A simple way to implement this would be to have it continuously count up from 0 and loop back to 0 upon reaching a certain value, and trigger appearance changes by checking if the number is bigger than a given value.

Another suggestion that would probably be harder to implement: The script currently changes the light level of all sectors indiscriminately. My suggestion is to have it only directly change the brightness of sectors whose ceilings display the sky, and introduce a rudimentary light propagation system to determine the brightness of sectors which don't receive skylight.
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Good thing you have release it before 2023 , Also idk what can i say for your mod because its , good , awsome , Oustanding, AMAZING
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Outstanding Improvement (Also Happy New Year) I Was Seen A Great Year about Them (And its a Great!) I Loved this Mod
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nice pack wallpapers
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