Dark City Zone

Dark City Zone 1.0

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Works best with OpenGL

This mod are is a revamp of beta Dark City maps.


Said beta maps were from Srb2 the past by Glaber.

These levels include new gimmicks

There is also a fight with a prototype of Brak Eggman

Thanks to RedSRB2 for beta testing.
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Latest reviews

I think it's an okay upgrade over the old DCZ stages, but some parts feel too boring, half the stage is just running, you can get lost sometimes, in one the last parts of act 2 the toxic water geisers come out really quick and obstruct the way, it doesn't hurt you either, Brak Eggman's missiles go way too fast for the boss and those fans make you release them, making the boss way more harder than it should, not only that, but you can also fall of the stage in act 3 way too easily, and the worst issue of all the zone, this has a lot of visual bugs in software that aren't in openGL, mostly in act 1, it's not bad, i do like some ideas, like the missile gimmick, i just think it requires a lot of improvement.
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beautiful! dark city zone rocks!
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A blast from the past, revived. This is beautiful. I love this already!
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Well, its definitely dark city. Now all we need are mods of rocky mountain and grand eggship zone, then we will be in the best timeline.
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Welcome to releases! The maps are fairly basic, but i'd still say they're a pretty big upgrade over the old dark city maps, and the use of the oldbrak missiles as a level gimmick was pretty neat. the old brak fight kinda sucks though, but that's not really your fault.
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