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Please don't download this cringe.
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Stop looking... there is nothing else here..
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  1. ComeBack!

    1)Made a gunslinger code 2)Removed spin damage, and added the twinspin (p.s i couldn't make...

Latest reviews

This is a pretty decent, I like it! (o゜▽゜)o☆☆☆☆
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It's something. that's for sure. But good character..
Upvote 1
I liked how you did your best here
Upvote 1
This mod is okay, but pretty good for a first character (or your second or whatever)
Upvote 1
I think that the character if done right can have a lot of potential I know Lua is hard but I suggest you focus on that then i suggest doing the sprites anyway I suggest you give him a simple resprite with something we all use called a nose.
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0/10 No nose=bad char
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its a fine enough mod but there is one major flaw and that is he doesn't have a nose!
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I loved it! There are a few things to touch up, but it works great! I honestly love playing this character :) (Imagine if Jeck Jim's made a 3d model for this...woah)
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This mod is great, dunno what anyone else is talking about. The sprites crack me up and the double jump is literally as useful as half the mods on here. Keep up the good work and I look forward to your next project.
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The Cuphead addon you made needs a lot of work to be done and new artwork to have it finished. It is good in gameplay, but the overall move set is not like what it is in the game.
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