yup, that's right! after 3 and half months, i return with 3 characters!
it's been so long since the last time that i updated this pack that i don't even remember everything i changed lmao but i'll try
also thanks to pepper for animating tails' swim animation for me lmao

so here's everything that was updated:
-FINALLY finished (and revamped) TAILS after like an entire year of starting him (and i promise he looks a LOT cuter than he did in the initial release)
-added AMY and JUNIO
-changed a LOT of SONIC's animations, it's a lot to list so just see for yourself
-EVERYONE's blends have been changed to have sprite-accurate colors, so you'll have to redownload all of those
-added an extras folder full of a bunch of indev stuff, it's all explained in the README included along with the models.dat lines for everything
-made alts for sonic and shadow that give them green and red eyes respectively, this was me experimenting with the style (i also made another alt for sonic with regular eyes but black soles, i honestly don't remember when or why i made that lol)
-tweaked the ring's texture to be shinier, with MASSIVE help from si0l0id

by the way, you may have seen gifs and screenshots of junio in the srb2 discord with highlights in his shading. that was before i made the blend, i had to take the highlights out because when i eventually made the blend they were definitely too bright and long story short, i was not going to change the values of the blend just for junio. if you really want, you can still have the highlights if you just don't use the blend, but of course then he'll always stay blue.
ANOTHER thing about junio, he doesn't have interpolation. i honestly really did not like how his animations looked with it so yeah

if i missed anything let me know, because again, i might have missed something that i changed lol
uhhh yeah so if you for whatever reason have not read the title MODERN SONIC is now here

and heres a list of the other stuff that was updated lmao
-SONIC has a new roll animation, improved running animation and gave him new super flt animation, added highlights to his shoe texture
-SHADOW's blend and texture are updated so it doesn't look like shit when he's super, revamped his skating animation (so you will need to redownload all 3 files for him, the md3, the texture, and the blend)
-updated the texture for the crawlas so their "eyes" have shine

ALSO modern sonic has an alt texture with different eyes, and the design of said eyes are from my good friend Si0l0iD
to use said alt just rename "MODERNSONICALT.png" to "MODERNSONIC.png" and get rid of the existing one
btw the screenshots of modern sonic on this post are using the alt texture because i like those eyes