Creative Worlds Level Pack.

Creative Worlds Level Pack. 0.50.7

Just not much to say, awesome music, fair gameplay, nice zones with custom textures. Mostly liked the Skyward Garden Zone. Yet still needs some work to do with leftover zones. I'll be waiting for next updates.
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The recent update MASSIVELY alleviated much of the framerate issue. It's still a little choppier than normal level at times but with textures this rich it's only to be expected. I truly appreciate the effort, this is unquestionably one of my favorite packs and seeing it flow so smoothly is a real treat. Thank you so much, and keep up the excellent work!
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The realistic textures are nice and coherent in the courses!

There's lots of well hidden secrets! Lots of the 1up and emerald token locations were fun to find!

It felt too easy to start going the wrong way a lot of times throughout most of it. Many times, I would explore for secrets, then try to go forwards, but with complicated jumps in many of the courses, it's hard to tell what's an expected jump VS what's just a backtracking jump.

IThere's lots of death pits in Broadside Cliffs Zone and Wonderous Windsock Zone that don't really read as death pits. I like how expansive the environments feel, but I prefer clarity in knowing what's a death pit.

Wonderous Windsock Zone is a big difficulty spike. The first two zones had some tricky platforming, but mostly kept things safe. Skyward Garden Zone is full of death pits, but the platforming is mostly well-telegraphed and simple. I had 51 lives entering Wonderous Windsock Zone, but by the end of all 4 acts, I only had like 25 lives left, and this was with lots of exploring for extra lives and using Super Sonic to my advantage.

A placeholder special stage 5, 6 and 7 would be great (even if it's just spawning right on top of the Chaos Emerald), because the glitchy versions of the vanilla ones where you only need one sphere but have free movement are odd.

Wonderous Windsock Zone feels like it was designed hard first, fun second. For example, the enemies that start shooting non-stop extremely fast lasers if you get in their range seem to be placed almost entirely to stop the player from using speed to do the obstacles in a different way. They're hard to see, and with this being a Sonic game, chances are you aren't going to slowly scour each jump for them just to make sure you're safe.

I think Wonderous Windsock also needs to introduce its obstacles in a safer environment. I strongly believe in a game with limited lives, you shouldn't have to waste lives to figure out how a gimmick works. For example, the wind that pushes you off the ledge into a death pit pretty much requires you know how strong the wind will be ahead of time. A good idea would be to put another wind bridge earlier that falling off only makes the player need to climb back up to the bridge, not die. The player would then know how to deal with the wind bridge since they've done something similar earlier.

Wonderous Windsock's boss also seems very odd to figure out. Hitting Eggman sends you all the way back behind the stage and into the death pit. Having to keep the camera locked and speed thok? Seems unintended but I'm not sure how else to avoid dying.

The custom special stages are pretty nice! They're pretty long, but the timer is forgiving, so I like that! Sometimes though, you fall out-of-line to pick up the collectables, going behind them instead. Special Stage 4 seems unfinished, but what's there is fun so far!
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Nice level pack, with huge open worlds that feel like a real place, not just a 'stage' only real complaints I have is sometimes its unclear where to go, and the alignment of angled springs.

sometimes angled springs require additional input to get you where your supposed to go, sometimes they don't, I really dislike that, but its mostly personal preference.

the invisible walls in a few places are frustrating, one spot in particular is a narrow pass sonic can spindash under, but fang would have to hop over the top. there is a wide open platform adjacent to the pass fang can easily reach, but he has to hop over the same small section. Maybe that isn't the intended route for fang though.
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I wished the lag for some levels was fixed because I would give it a easy 5/5 stars if it was
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It's not bad... but good lord is broadside cliffs confusing. Lots of invisible walls make a map unfun. Although, the mazelike level design in some circumstances pads out the time I get to listen to the music, which is a win. Overall, fun map pack, good music, too many invisible walls and death barriers.
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This is a good mod! Lawn World was not too open, but I felt a bit confused sometimes. Broadside Cliffs 1 was, at the least confusing. Broadside Cliffs 2 was better, and I liked the hang gliders! Broadside Ascent wasn't too bad either. Skyward Garden was a surprise with how good it is! Anyways, good mod!
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I agree with Draykon here, the visual design is stunning. I never thought I'd see realistic textures in SRB2 have a real use outside of straight ports, but you've proven me wrong. Your in-world, grounded level themes seem to be inspired by extremely generic, very American locales which lend themselves to being very unique and unexplored level themes. The biggest issue with this pack is how unclear some of the paths are. I love that you adjusted vanilla enemies to fit the aesthetic, albeit it's really odd to see Sonic, cartoony ever running through these places, but I can get over that.

Lawn World Act 1 is as simple and sweet as ever. I still enjoy it, it's a unique stage that sets the feel of the pack well.

Lawn World Act 2 starts to move into this pack's biggest issue which plagues this stage and especially Broadside Cliffs. Despite the stage looking good and the platforming being okay, your directioning is awful and I found myself getting lost or stuck for minutes at a time in areas.

Lawn Field was an extremely refreshing NiGHTs stage. Good job, I have no complaints with it. It's very pretty in its architecture, it's easy to keep a chain and the objects are well placed. It was very refreshing for me after the headache I got trying to complete Lawn World Act 2.

Lawn World Act 3 hitscan lasers are bullshit. Getting Eggman into his pinch phase as Amy or Fang is a guaranteed hit on you as you have no horizontal mobility options to get out of the way of his hitscan laser in time. This boss really doesn't need to exist.

Broadside Cliffs Act 1 is such a unique level style I never thought I'd see in SRB2. This sorta badlands military camp aesthetic is really cool. There are some big issues though.

A lot of the paths are extremely unclear. It took me 20 minutes to figure out how to get onto those boxes in the Overview post. That path is so ridiculously out of the way it's not even funny. Looking in the water was a last resort. It doesn't even LOOK like a path from above, and there's no way you're gonna fall in there by accident either. It's an extremely obscure path and it made me kinda angry.

Masses of those multihit military grade crawlas also got very annoying very fast, especially when slowly trying to kill them. You should place less of them. Object placement is a huge issue in this stage. I think the most egregious has to be those TREES. They're big, they're solid, they're very easy to run into and they block your vision in third person. You place a lot of them on thin paths which makes it impossible to see ahead and very easy to run into, completely stopping you dead in your tracks.

I can't send a gif of it here but later in the level I swear I found a softlock. I'll show you on discord if I can find where it is again.
Your music choice also was very grating after a while. But it fits the stage theme I guess.

Skyward Garden Act 1 is your best stage, hands down, holy shit.
Why didn't you submit this to the OLDC? It would have placed very well if I had to guess. This has to be the most well made Aerial Garden styled stage to date. I loved it the whole way through. It didn't suffer any of the directioning problems the previous stage did, the music choice was great, and your decoration and architecture was very interesting. My biggest complaint is that those aggressive ass Blue Crawlas were very frustrating as they would blindside me at mach 3. You should place less of them, or change their movement a bit.

I can't wait for what you have in store for Act 2. If I had a suggestion, don't make it more of the same. Act 1 already serves its purpose very well, and Act 2 being the same as that would make it drag on and feel less special. I'd recommend giving it a thematic shift, adding more story and climax to it. Be it a big thunderstorm that happened, or Act 2 trekking one massive palace that arised from the sky after Act 1. Or the garden falling apart, etc.

Also you should really submit your stages to an OLDC. They're starting to become very high quality, and submitting a stage to the contest ensures that most of the community will play your stage and leave feedback, as opposed to a lot of people ignoring a standalone release.

Anywho, I quite enjoyed this and I can't wait to see more from you. Good job!
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A kind of interesting level pack, but many levels (especially for Sonic) are more like finding a way to the exit further, which takes quite a long time (like from 6 to 10 minutes), which is kinda boring, because all the levels could be passed much faster if the navigation in the level would be more visible.
The style of the levels also looks quite peculiar and unusual, this gives some kind of the atmosphere.
I would also like to mention the compactness of many paths, which is why the level is not very comfortable to pass, and the main paths are difficult to find.
I was pleased that this pack has a NiGHTS level, this is a great rarity. But this level has some problems with axis, as well as with a huge number of bonuses (I collected about 220 spheres and all kinds of other bonuses in one circle), there are also problems with the placement of objects, many of them are quite crooked.
As a result, the level pack is interesting and turned out great for a start. Keep on finishing your pack, fixing problems and adding new levels. Good luck!
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The visual design here is absolutely stunning- and not really like anything else I've seen in SRB2. Customizing vanilla enemies to suit the aesthetic was a cute touch.

The art style does leave it a bit hard to read the level geometry at times. Things like lighting cues and ring trails to guide the player's path are probably more important than ever here. There are also just a few too many narrow platform and corridor sections.

Overall a super fun- and vaguely mesmerizing experience.
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Awesome work! Very creative aesthetics. As for critiques... I'm not a big fan of how cramped some of the rooms can be. Even the main rooms that you are supposed to go through for progression can be extremely cramped. It can be very hard to see checkpoints due to this. A lot of these issues can be alleviated by simply widening most of the hallway-like sections.

overall... I think you did a fantastic job! Well done!
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