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Controlls Challenge Lua Script 1.2.0

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Has anyone found SRB2 too easy with normal movement controls? Well, now with the Controlls Lua Script, the basic movement controls have been reversed, spinning has been disabled, and it costs 25 rings to use the character's ability. You can toggle the Controlls Lua script with the toggleControlls command if you want to enable or disable the Controlls mod for yourself.
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  1. Controlls v1.2.0

    This update changes the toggleControlls command to let each player decide if they want the...

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i guess the appropriate way to describe this mod would be...i don't know, "uninteresting"? don't get me wrong, there's the fundamentals for a really interesting hardmode/challenge mod in here, but it just doesn't really go far enough to be that engaging. for the most part gameplay is identical to vanilla srb2 since you can just hold back and steer with the camera, and the loss of character abilities and the spindash isn't *that* much of a loss.

overall it's not horrible, just not something that goes deep enough to be interesting or a new experience.
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Wow, new HARDMODE, i think, is a good mod It is a good mod to hang out with friends.
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now this is something
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