Colorstorm V1 - a color passion project gone wild!

Colorstorm V1 - a color passion project gone wild! 1.1

This is my very first mod, one I am VERY proud of. Colors are the easiest to do out of the mods, but I went completely crazy. 95% of my skins (that's not the actual percentage, obviously) are references to characters and more. Let's start by listing the gimmicky skins.

Redhot: This skin is based off Red the Hedgehog (haha funni generic recolor go BRRRRRR-), an OC of my friend. You can clearly tell this is intented for Sonic, with the stripes being visible in almost every angle, just like on Red himself.
Demo Redhot.gif

Soldier: This skin is based off of Jaiden Sukiruai, the companion to Kaitzu Sukiruai. Jaiden has fought in several wars, almost dying in one too. Luckily, technology was able to rescue her, and turn her from a blue wolf into a black and purple wolf. This skin, which gives ths stripe effect on Sonic, was actually intended for Tails.
Demo Soldier.gif

Tundra: A solid reference to Kaitzu Sukiruai, the Blur of Tundra as he is nicknamed. He and Jaiden suffered a similar fate, except Kaitzu wasn't injured in a war, just injured by the Eggman. Kaitzu's original colors are here too, but we'll get to that punchline in a bit. Anyway, this is just another Sonic skin, go figure.
Demo Tundra.gif

Lightning: This skin is the Zap skin, Red's brother. Made by the same guy of course, Zap serves little to no purpose in the RPs RedTHedge (the user, not the OC) is in and is in need of a complete overhaul. It's hard to tell these two are brothers by the colors, so leave it to the appearance to really set the record straight that Zap was clearly (and somewhat lazily) built off of Red.
Demo Lightning.gif

Ikea: The Ikea color palette is a jab at the original color scheme of Kaitzu. Nuff said.
Demo Ikea.gif

Eyelash: Anyone who wants to kill me over this HORRIBLE Billie Eilish jab and how I thought it looks like her hair, just know that by doing so, you make yourself the bad guy. Get it? Ahahahahaha... I'm not funny. This color looks really good on almost anyone, but I chose to stick it onto Sonic for consistency.
Demo Eyelash.gif

Android: We have Masame, AKA Android K. Android K is an android copy of Kaitzu, taking his original colors but red stripe. He is quite literally what my friend Nat-san calls "The Wacky Woohoo Banana Man."
Demo Android.gif

Pearl: I was debating whether this were gimmicky or not, but the "splotch of water" eventally had me throw it here. This one goes out to an old friend of mine who drifted away from me and his OC, Pearl. I know he plays SRB2, so I want him to have this to remember me by since he really can't respond to my messages due to inner reasons. If you are reading this, I haven't forgotten you.
Demo Pearl.gif

Cephalopod: I didn't really have a creative name for this one, and this name could translate to Pearl aswell but who cares? Cephalopod is a reference to my main OC, Keri. Keri was first introduced as a companion (and partner) for Pearl, being a power type. As time went on, I made Keri my own (with a little help from Pearl's creator to design a new outfit) and voila!
Demo Cephalopod.gif

FINALLY, we can move on to the "Actual Colors", colors that aren't gimmicky, and usable for basically every character.

Jade: This one is Jade, an OC of mine who (hopefully) will see an appearance later down the line in my next show, assuming my first one hits off successfully. As of right now, Jade is a close friend of Red, and is an engineer that's not shy when it comes to experimenting the wildest inventions, even if they are small.
Demo Jade.gif

Snazzy: My, what a snazzy skincolor! This is a skincolor based off of darker colored Sonics cough cough Roast cough cough.
Demo Snazzy.gif

Shade: A whammy of a reference: Blue (Red's rival I made as a joke). Blue basically functions on pure salt and revenge.
Demo Shade.gif

Nacho: NACHOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! This skin is just based on Nacho cheese. The only skin I made that isn't a video game reference.
Demo Nacho.gif

Genesis: It's been generations since we've seen skincolors like these. This skincolor is based on Classic's appearance in Generations.
Demo Genesis.gif

Candy: A rock hard skincolor based on Candy, an OC that my friend owns. Not much I can really say here.
Demo Candy.gif

Grand: No, it's not a Grand Dad reference, but a reference to Heliostrikes' Grand Intent from the Intent Storyline.
Demo Grand.gif

Raven: Here we have a color themed after raven birds, but specifically based off the Raven Queen from the Intent Storyline.
Demo Raven.gif

Treasure: This is themed after gold trinkets and all that stuff. No specific reference here, but did you know this color is a favorite of the creator of Mega Paint Drive?
Demo Treasure.gif

Eraser: Haven't seen an Eraser in a long time since the quarantine began, right? Look at this skincolor and get the vibes of projects each week.
Demo Eraser.gif

And that's all of them! I hope you enjoy my colors for years to come!
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