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ever felt like Tails and Knuckles were too op, meanwhile Sonic just sucked because he could only thok?
i mean, look at this drawing in #devetopment that tells a lot about our current society

so, i made a lua that is basically a dropdash, but it works on walls.
i suck too much at doodling so i asked the maniacal to do a doodle for this

press spin while jumping to load a dropdash, if you release it on a wall, it will thrust you upwards depending on how much speed you have
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  1. nerfed the mod to not be too op

    now there's a speed cap and you can't go up enough to bonk your head on the skybox, to make it...

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Oustanding mod ! this mod are really nice, and it can hepl much sonic. and for sonic not to have this ability alone, I made all the vanilla characters have this ability, and for that, just modify the name "sonic" to that of any other character, I did not test with characters from mods like shadow, but something strange is that when I tested with fang, it is quite slow compared to the rest, but when the mod's abilities are used in the water with fang, it gets as fast as the others.
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Man, this lua addon is awesome! it will help me so much with my addon thank god Y O U and this exists!
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I love this ability its honestly a perfect sonic ability that opens so much room for creativity. I love how if you hit walls at the right angle you bounce off them at insane speeds 10/10 recommend to every player fr
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Probably the best ability Sonic can have in a Multiplayer environment. The poor guy is defenseless when it comes to traversing vertically. This addon give Sonic a well-needed edge in game-modes like Tag. I do think the ground dropdash's speed should scale based on how long Sonic's been charging in the air, but the walldash itself has been done fantastically.
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i like the dropdash but sometimes it doesn't work with momentum mods
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Very Cool Lua Addon! kinda like the drop dash thing from the sonic 3 prototype.
the sonic 3 prototype has a dropdash!?
how didn't i know that
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Definitely a good recreation of the wall drop dash thing from that one #devetopment gif. My only problem is that it doesn't use those dropdash sprites.
Thank, but, i actually didn't get inspired by that tho, somehow i didn't notice it, maybe i could add a version with the sprites but i suck at spriting
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A good ability with a lot of level design potential.
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