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Chat Voice Effects (CVE) allows custom voice clips using the chat in multiplayer. Here's a list of all of the currently implemented voice clips:

"oooooooooo" (Mario)
":O" (A gasp)
"XD" (Mutahar laugh)
"HA HA!" (The Simpsons)
"Are you sure about that?" (John Cena)
"EZ" (idk where this is from =P)
"I'm going to kill you..." (SnapCube Eggman)
"And THEN kill you again." (SnapCube Eggman)
"A brawl is surely brewing!" (Cuphead announcer)
"It's on!" (Cuphead announcer)
"This match will get red hot!" (Cuphead announcer)
"Now go!" (Cuphead announcer)
"NO" (Team Fortress 2)
"Hey!" (Sonic Battle)
"No way!" (Sonic Battle)
"Ah ha!" (Sonic Battle)
"Yeah!" (Sonic Battle)
"Time to party!" (Sonic Battle)
"Muahaha!" (Sonic Battle)
"Sonic..." (Sonic Battle)
"Prepare to die!" (Sonic Battle)
"Sweet!" (Sonic Battle)
"Hah!" (Sonic Battle)
"What!?" (Sonic Battle)... man i put alotta sonic battle voice clips in here... anyways-

Those are all the voice clips included with this mod, and I might add more in the future. =)
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  1. Reusability

    chat voice effects is now reusable hooray

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Nice, I have always wanted to do this ngl lol
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Not gonna lie this was fun to use; but the things you have to type are kinda too specfic and annoying to remember especially in chat where you need to be quick to type of this stuff on .

Maybe a command line where it shows all of the test commands would be nice that or remove the "..." or caps on certain sentences = ) .
i'll look into that
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I guess it's nice idea for online games.

I already see that story.
joined player on server
I talking him: hello bro here added voice chat!
and he me: yea?
and I talks: yea hold custom 3 for voice:
he: it's not use?
I: "HA HA!"
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