Bugzy's Beeg Hololive Pack

Bugzy's Beeg Hololive Pack v1.0

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A sort of off-and-on project of mine for quite a long time now, here's a pack of your favorite Hololive talents!
This pack includes a wide range of Hololive characters for those stuck in the rabbit hole wanting some racing action with their favorite idols!
As a little bonus, this mod when enabled also replaces a majority of vanilla in-game billboards and posters with new custom Hololive themed ones! Not all are replaced, and in future updates some might be changed.
Currently, the characters included in this pack are:
Minato Aqua, Shishiro Botan, Kiryu Coco, Roboco-san, Akai Haato/Haachama, Ninomae Ina'nis, Omaru Polka, Inugami Korone, Yukihana Lamy, Houshou Marine, Ayunda Risu, Ookami Mio, Nekomata Okayu and Usada Pekora.
With more likely to come in the near future!
This mod is a collaboration with my friend. Lamy, Botan, and Polka's sprites are the work of Twitter user @Peach_Headz, who doesn't currently have an account on the MB.
Have fun racing your Oshis!
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