Blasted Plains Zone

Blasted Plains Zone V1

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So um uhhh once upon a time i wanted to make a map pack but uhh umm hmm err uh i decided to make a few zones a lil diorama area. but the other zones other than this one SUCKED!!!!!!. So i am deciding to upload the most linear thing of all time yay IS THIS WHAT YOU WANTED!?!?!

So uhh err at the end of srb2 spleeni- i mean sonic realized that he should go see what the heck is going on at the green flower mountain area tht so um hmmm im not sure what to say now its literally just that
YEah um have fun?
credits: TehRealsalt for the game gear capsule: Gamer Gear Capsule

PlayThrough of deh map: h
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Its fine, theres 2 spots i dont like. Which is the mine maze typed areas with the short corners. You barely get any momentum there which makes things offputting.
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No offensive but the level design kinda sucks but it's still just ok
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