Bell Hill Zone

[Open Assets] Bell Hill Zone 2022-06-08b

I will only say that the map was fine but only the first level because the rest was very repeated with the same level and nothing else and some levels are unfair and one boring you had potential who knows you could create a mario 3d world in SRB2 but I will only say that only the first level was fun :(
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act 1 is fine

act 2 why is the toad literally outside the map

act 3 the 3rd emerald is almost impossible to find

act 4 literally whats the point of collecting coins

act 5 how the hell do you expect people to make this in 15 seconds with the mass amount of fire everywhere on the bridge

act 6 as if act 5 wasnt hell enough

act 7 no this mod isnt fun

act 8 literally just act 1 with a challenge
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I had a really fun time with this, actually! I like what you were going for with the different missions. I think it would be a lot cleaner if strung together with a hub world (Which I offered to make for you, still WIP, expect that DM in a day or so.)

There's a lot of what would constitute as "bad game design" here, but I could understand your vision enough that it wasn't too obtrusive, and it didn't hamper my experience any. I definitely had an enjoyable time

Also, goddam, compress your music.
(Wait... I did that already too. All tracks loop + only 2mb in filesize total. Expect that DM also, haha.)

You have the potential to make some great maps in the future. I'm looking forward to your future endeavors!
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ITS REALLY GOOD I ENJOYED THIS MAP PACK. IT remimds me of This Is The Only Level map pack. Create more level packs
Thank you!
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to put this lightly, i really don't like this series of maps. i gave this one the axe after testing the fifth mission. LIKE HOW AM I SUPPOSED TO GET THERE IN 15 SECONDS? also the Fang mission was just enemy spam and the fire geyzers... my gosh...

oh yeah you don't need the change characters map. ever heard of pausing the game?
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thiiiiis was an experience i will give you that, but not a good one in my opinion? it's a fine enough stage and it is definitely indicative of super mario 3d world's charm but it could definitely have been done a lot better, not least with some sharp edges smoothed out, custom textures, or at least the option to choose whatever character you wish? that one is most confusing, ESPECIALLY because the option to choose character in a Mario map restricts people from playing as...Mario. anyway, my thoughts on each act in order:

main level: it's fine! i don't detest it. it's not the most enjoyable, given that some design traits (like the dash panels in the most absurd locations?) are absolutely horribly implemented, but it's okay overall.

find the toad: why is toad outside of the main map structure??? it took me way longer than i'm willing to admit to find him due to that, i didn't even know those parts of the level were meant to be traversed. not fun.

emerald hunt: it's fine. same problems as the initial act but more bearable given that it's an exploration level. not bad.

ring hunt: also a bearable level, but less so because of how easily you can lose rings. not many thoughts, really.

speedrun acts: both are FAR too strict. i skipped both of these. it also highlights how much of a pain the rotating fire geysers are. why are those even in the level??

enemy rush: another one i skipped, but for what it's worth, it was mildly enjoyable. also appreciate the aesthetical change.

ice: the most enjoyable one, personally. aesthetical change and no radical goal to achieve. awesome.

choose your character: what was the point of this

overall: this is an okay level with FAR too much bloat and too many problems to have been an effective use of my time. not fun, but it has a lot more potential than you're making use of. i'd advise expanding this with more levels rather than copy pasting the same level eight god damn times.
> speedrun acts: both are FAR too strict. i skipped both of these. it also highlights how much of a pain the rotating fire geysers are. why are those even in the level??

In the speedrun acts you can avoid those entirely, taking the high route. Spoilers here
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Nice map! Might consider creating a camera add-on for this later on in the future.

I've got nothing to say about it as a whole, though you do have to put loop points on that music. Thought the fade was intentional as it occurred near Mount Beanpole to me, but nope - it's the music.

I do have things to say about the separate Missions, however:
Mission 2: That Toad was really sneaky, nice job.
Mission 3: Also nicely hidden Emerald Shards. Woulda never guessed where the third one was if not for the Radar.
Mission 4: COINS*
Missions 5 & 6: Should've put some sort of "warning" in the form of a jingle or sth... Otherwise, a nice and tight timer which Sonic is built for.
Mission 7: The name "Enemy Rush!!" made me think you have to defeat all of the enemies in this stage (including the Egg Zapper at the end). But no, you just have to avoid the barrage. Should've put in the "Defeat All Enemies!" thing and removed some of the Armageddon Shields, now THAT's a mission for Fang.
Mission 8: I see why you picked that title... Make sure the ice has SOME grip, though - that's how it was with SM3DW.
Mission 9 is a repeat of Mission 1, but that's just fine.

Overall great add-on for SM3DW players, though the issues listed above take it down a star.
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