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[Reusable] Balance? (tntrings)

Here's another dumb idea. I put TNT explosions on weapon rings. Enjoy... Oh and there's also swearing, if that matters.

Automatic, Scatter and Rail Rings have been disabled. The ammo for these weapons is replaced with Bounce, Grenade and Rail respectively.

  • Big Fucking Ring and Big Fucking Infinite Ring - The Red Ring and Infinity Ring explode violently as they travel through the air. So violently that you'll be damaged by it upon firing, and dealt huge knockback.
  • Boom Bounce Ring - You won't be damaged upon firing, but watch out as the room fills with chaotic explosions! This ring has a shorter life than a normal Bounce Ring.
  • Loud Grenade Ring - The grenade generates a small explosion as it's waiting to detonate. There's still a larger explosion once it detonates.
  • Slower Rail Ring - A normal Bomb Ring with a larger hitbox and faster travel. It also generates a very small explosion on impact.

The tntlaggy cvar removes TNT explosion dust.

That knockback can prove useful...

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