ArcadePak v1.5b (The Promised Hotfix Update)

ArcadePak v1.5b (The Promised Hotfix Update) 1.5b

First of all, apologies for the many months that the reports "went unchecked"; I was aware of most that were fixed in this bugfix since months but either I happened to be incredibly wrecked with university, or was offline and couldn't really access Internet outside of rare instances.

The changelog is as it follows:
Virtua Circuit:
-Raised a bit an outside orange wall
-Fixed a small sector missing the finish line effect

Snowdust Valley:
-Made those out of bounds fence areas near the fan impassable (as it should have been)

Mount Acres Circuit (Short):
-Fixed two anti-cuts nearby the bridge (Goldencreme)
-A slight FOF adjustment below the bridge
-There's now a proper slope at the corner of the stretch after the bridge (yay, vertex slopes)
-Replaced lake textures with sand
-Changed arrow flat at the last turn
-Reduced a bit of tree objects
-Extra detail and visual fixes:
--Propeller-powered finish line flag
--Several small untextured linedefs now textured
--Two pillars with a flag added at the bridge
--Simplified offroad statue area at the last corner (its a small pool as well now)
--Due to the above change, minimap can be bigger now

Tricolored Space Zone:
-Added a bridge replacing the ramp jump in the end of the blue area
-The starting green ramp and roof were changed: No more roof and ramps were adjusted in angle
-Should have fixed the weird pink linedef thing showing up (adjusted thokbarrier)

Ridge Turnpike Zone:
-Removed that one death plane where people were getting stuck at with eggbombs right below the ending hairpin.

VR Big Forest:
-Turned it into a 4-lapper based off feedback by FaytStayx

Hopefully I'll be able to make and finish any new tracks if I don't get caught again with university stuff (...which recently might actually happen again), or at least deliver an update with reverse tracks as I wanted to since some few months ago. (if enough time goes on without any extra weird bugs/GBJs/stupid cuts reported this time around)


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So just one day after v1.5's release, Triblue had found some few unchecked unintentional skips/GBJs :oh:

  • One of VR Big Forest stretches no longer has slope physics, preventing a weird hop from happening if going too fast in there.
  • An invisible safety bridge in Snowdust Valley was not in the right place for some reason; its fixed now
  • A slight change in Tricolored Space Zone to avoid some memes :shitsfree:
  • Undisclosed invisible barrier invocation in RTZ :wow:
  • And taking the chance that this is a thing in first place, updated the advertise banners :wonderful:
Record Attack ghosts should be included in the next update/hotfix since I ended up a bit short of time with finishing that (as well as waiting for some extra guest ghosts for all tracks). Kudos to Triblue and GaiaDragon for their impressive times in VCZ/SVZ/Big Forest; if you're a fan of challenge then their ghosts will definitely give you a run for your entire pocket and pants :threat:
At long last, after many months of inactivity and GBJ/cheap skip reports, today I finally officially deliver ArcadePak v1.5! The new big features are PlayerBots support, several issues getting patched, Snowdust Valley having a touchup, Polychrome Polygon Zone getting the orange lower tunnel removed, and a brand new track: Ridge Turnpike Zone!

While the current post also has the changelog, you can check it below here as well if you want

  • All maps (except Dinosaur Canyon Classic atm) have PlayerBots support.
  • All music tracks (except SVZ/PPZ since they use module music) use Quality 0 OGGs, which means a massive size reduction.
  • Speaking of size reduction, ArcadePak now comes as a proper PK3, now at a humble 6MB!
  • Due to being outdated, ghosts were removed from this version. While there was the plan to have new ones done for this update, it will probably happen as part of a future hotfix due to certain layout changes done during development.
Virtua Circuit Zone (MAPE1):
  • Raised wall near the end of the track, done to stop anti-cut from happening (Goldencreme)
  • Made a square wall be sloped (looks nicer and aligns with the rails)
  • Added transparent wall barriers; done to avoid a skip where if you somehow bounced off someone right above the bridge, you could skip the last hairpin. (Goldencreme)
  • Adjusted first checkpoint sectors so that it can't be accidentally skipped. (Professor Renderer)
  • Fixed the sloped side of the circuit finish not triggering...circuit finish (Diggle)
Snowdust Valley Zone (MAPE2):
  • New Sky thanks to FaytStayx! :wonderful:
  • Several texture alignment tweaks, replacements and some extra decoration to make the map look better
  • Revised a bit the minimap
  • Added forward wind at the fan area to avoid potential GBJs (Fayt)
  • Added more item boxes at the first offroad shortcut.
  • Added some more item boxes in both sides of the fan pit area.
  • Invisible walls added so that you can't accidentally go off the sides in the first ramp jump.
  • Removed a lot of tree objects in a certain background area to mitigate object pop-in issues.
  • Moved the booster pad in a offroad shortcut a bit forward so that there's more offroad at the beginning of it (have a sneaker handy you cheapskate :ohsnap:)
  • Fan sector area now has some few ramps inside and outside to avoid issues if going through the sector using Grow
Mount Acres Circuit Short (MAPE3):
  • Weird messed up linedefs corrected, fixing a rare GBJ (Goldencreme)
  • Walls added at the bridge on the big circle turn so that you can't get knocked off to an earlier section. (SoupBowler64)
  • Reduced a bit the tree density
Ridge Turnpike Zone (MAPE4):
  • Publicly, it exists now :blink:
  • For those that had beta-tested this track before release, made a linedef wall impassable to avoid a spring-related GBJ, and removed slope physics from the stretch after the first hairpin. Sky number was also changed.
Polychrome Polygon Zone (MAPE5):
  • Added extra item boxes in some few places
  • Some out of bounds areas that didn't have Death Pit effect on for some reason have it now.
  • Added some bit of item density at the hairpin slope turn. It is also slightly bigger and now doesn't have slope physics.
  • Snapped out of existence the entire orange underground tunnel thing; replaced it with two side booster pads and extra dense items at center on that straight
Tricolored Space Zone (MAPE6):
  • Adding a outer wall at the last hairpin (makes the turn safer on high speeds but also avoids an anti-cut land at the blue track) (Goldencreme)
  • If someone somehow ends up going over the wall and potentially eating an anti-cut from yellow to blue area,, since an invisible wall was extended to reach there :shitsfree:
  • Extended an invisible wall to avoid a cut from the yellow section with the ramps (Fayt)
  • Fixing the accidental goal cheese by using a Circuit Finish Line FOF and extra checkpoints. (Fayt)
  • Due to the above, invisible killer FOFs above finish line are gone; hardsneakers + acrobatic players rejoice :wonderful: (Goldencreme)
  • Adjusted yellow last area with a wall so that you can't accidentally fly off.
  • Offroad area added inside that infamous turn after the last jump.
  • Patched some untextured linedefs.
VR Big Forest (MAPEB)
  • ...whoops, didn't know I had left the final turn tree area passable; now the invincible powers of the invisible tree guardians make you unable to go there (and also save you from GBJ by trees) (Goldencreme)
  • Made the linedefs at the side of the pit lane impassable.
  • Added boost pad at the right starting lane.
  • Some few untextured linedefs patched.
Dinosaur Canyon Classic (MAPE0):
It was there since v1.3 but there are some few things changed from that version. Originally I was going to take it out of Map Hell...but after revisiting and realizing it would need a huge rework to have it look more presentable today, I decided to keep it there. The mapslot is MAPE0 if you wish to revisit this fossil (or want to subject your friends to what clearly was my first map :wow: ). Oh, and some few slopes got slope physics removed.