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Once started as a joke about making the badniks of Metropolis Zone playable,
after years of development hell because of mental health issues, the character is finally here.

The slicer is here.


The abilities

Slide Dash
is your key movement tool, available through Custom Action 1 while on the ground,
providing a short burst of speed for quick movement & enabling the rest of character's toolkit & playstyle.
However, do not rely on it too much, the speed boost is dependent on your current momentum.


While in the air, Air Spin becomes accessible through Custom Action 1, allowing you both
extra momentum as well as the ability to damage badniks & other objects. The speed gained
is dependent on your current momentum just like Slide Dash itself.


Finally, Ann gains the ability to do a melee attack while on the ground, as well as Jump Boost,
which is the cornerstone of the character's playstyle. Combine the above tricks to keep up the momentum
and your reward is huge airtime.


Here's a link to the footage of all the above abilities in action in Greenflower Zone, available on Youtube.


Stuff to be fixed in later updates:

- Multiplayer colors don't work properly due to problems with sprite palettes courtesy of Piskel.
- Due to a lack of proper spindash, some level mechanics such as a certain section from vanilla Deep Sea Zone Act 2 don't work properly. Will be working on a workaround for it if necessary.
- While the boomerang shot isn't around yet, and I'm not going to make any promises,
expect it to be a possible addition in later updates.
- Possible reworking of sprites and code. While it does function, I'm not exactly proud it either.
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  1. v0.90 Release Notes

    - Fixed sprite offsets for much of the animations. - Improved walking & running animations. -...

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An enemy turned friend. Awesome take on the most frustrating enemies in Metropolis into a full character.
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