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Better Sonic is Sonic, but in my opinion, better. This time round, he has 2 abilities made by me.

The Alt Double Jump: It's a double jump but you become vulnerable and it goes higher if you're Super.

The Spindrop: A downwards thrust of momentum that allows for a bit of height if you bounce off an enemy.
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same problem as the other guy.
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i'm really not feeling this one. not only is the title incredibly self-congratulatory, but the abilities in this mod are...functional. they work as intended and nothing goes wrong when you use them, but they've absolutely been done to death, and frankly done better before. absolutely nothing fundamentally wrong with this mod, just nothing i personally consider to stand out from any other "sonic but different" mod.
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Simple Functional And in my opinion Better If You Could Do An Alt / Better Tails Or Knuckles I would be very grateful
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This is FINE, and FUNCTIONAL, but the name rubs me the wrong way... "Alternative:ER Sonic" Would have been a funnier and less douchie name
Changed it
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I'm sure I don't need to say much. Try something more original next time.
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No offense, but this feels like something that's been done 100 times over already. It's playable and functional, but unoriginal.
I might do Better Tails or Knuckles or something. I'm not very good with sprites.
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That's an awfully confident title of yours. I however find it pretty... whatever. I guess nothing's stolen (?), so its OK for releases at least.
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