Adventure Sonic (v1.6b)

Adventure Sonic (v1.6b) v1.6b

question: how return of darkness works ?
Golden Shine posting!

It adds "returnofdarkness", a spammable command that makes the stage darker each time you use it! For those reading this review without context, check the v1.3c update!
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A character wad done this well deserves nothing less than 5 stars for how detailed and well executed this is, looking forward to using this the most.
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This is probably the best mod I’ve ever used! The amount of work put into it & the time it took to release was worth it!
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Incredible!! Easily one of the most impressive character mods I've ever played!

Normally with character mods, I find them as fun distractions from the main game since I almost exclusively play as vanilla Sonic with a keyboard and mouse; but vanilla Sonic to me never felt that great on a controller. Adventure Sonic on the other hand controls like a dream with a controller and perfectly captures the game-feel of the adventure games. Adventure Sonic makes me want to play with the simple control scheme and automatic breaking because he feels so fluid to control in all his mobility states.

The sprites are also expertly done and the attention to detail and flair make this mod feel so professional. This character has transformed the way I play SRB2 and will be my go-to character to play in the future.

Outstanding job Metalwario64 and Golden Shine and thank you so much for making this mod!!
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aww yeah, this is happenin' this mod is fun as hell. (and also i want to play the green forest stage what is the link for it ?)
Unfortunately that Green Forest stage is both available privately, and is incomplete. :(
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What i saw was what i got, one of my favorite mods out there and a must-play for anyone that eventually dives into the community of this game.
[Golden Shine replying]

Thank you! I'm really hoping people who couldn't previously get into SRB2 because of it's controls can with SA-Sonic.
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Really cool mod
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What you see is what you get, after all.

One of the most comfy and overall fun experiences I've had with this game. He controls ludicrously well on both controller AND Keyboard & mouse, and his moveset flows together super nicely.

Spindash is certainly a strong tool, what with it's insane speed conversion and overall control, but I'd be a fool to say it's what he's all about. The technique of uncurling in the air to momentarily negate air drag has been a bit more useful than one might think it'd be, and despite it seeming to be practically useless I've found a pleasant amount of ways to use the spindash hover technique to my advantage.

Homing attack is quick and snappy as it is in Adventure 2, and homing poses make it all the more aesthetically pleasing. Far thok serves as a VERY nice middle ground between single jumps and the homing attack, letting you have the burst option without forcing you to risk homing in towards an enemy if you don't want to.

Bounce attack is super versatile here, from helping you get just a teensy bit more height when you need it, or helping you platform slightly more precisely, or even letting you perform a superbounce with speed shoes/super (you can also use the bounce to "extend" homing chains to keep the poses going, which is a small thing that gives SA-Sonic a teensy bit more flair in my book.)

The Lightspeed Dash/Lightspeed Attack, despite being moreso based upon Adventure 1, functions wonderfully within the scenarios it's meant for. Want to grab a cluster of rings or fly across a line of them? Light Dash. Have a group of enemies you wanna take care of quickly or have an enemy you really don't feel like dealing with? Lightspeed Attack and watch it get turned into scrap. The Maximum Heat variant of the LSA that goes for enemies only also eliminates basically any issues of going for rings you didn't want in that scenario.

While his custom physics took a bit to get used to, they allow for movement and control that's significantly more precise compared to that of Vanilla SRB2, and it makes playing him efficiently feel way more rewarding and satisfactory.

On top of how he plays, all of the sprites and visual effects present here are absolutely gorgeous. I have yet to get sick of seeing any of them even a little.

It's been a long while since I've had a character that holds no notable complaints from me, and SA-Sonic smashes through this threshold with flying colors. Happy I was able to help in ways that I did for such an awesome project filled with very commendable amounts of passion, love, and effort.

All 7 emeralds collected more times than I can count at this point. Go play him. Gotta open your heart, dude.
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My most anticipated SRB2 character addon is here, and I've finally had a chance to give it the old college try!

The moveset for Adventure Sonic is an amazing blend of both SA1 and SA2, with some great QOL improvements such as the little trail that shows you exactly where you're going when you're spin dashing. And in spite of being such an expansive feeling moveset, it never feels overly complicated and doesn't require a ton of buttons. Feels right at home on a controller!

He feels so accurate to SA2's physics that I'm almost astounded. The amount of time and effort that it must have took to make him feel just right really paid off, as a ton of my SA2 reflexes translated wonderfully into this character mod.

And the spritework-- my god, the spritework. It's amazing! Adventure Sonic is one of the most expressive feeling character addons I've seen, and that's saying a lot with the huge amount of quality characters out there. Little details such as the tricks he does after a homing attack really add that extra level of polish to him.

Overall, this is absolutely worth the download. It's insane just how high quality it is and I'm definitely going to keep it loaded in every single one of my netgames going forward. This is one of the all time greats for sure. Thank you so much for such a wonderful addon!
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10/10, Valentin Approved. Live and Learn hits hard everytime
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this is amazing outside of fang being invulnerable to adventure sonic
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Its so good.... Ill never stop playing srb2 ever again...
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From 1 year of waiting was atleast worth it.
And also i'm here to report a bug:
Everytime i'm running and then i release SpinDash one time, Adventure Sonic (AKA SA-Sonic) becomes ultra fast for no reason.
Although the addon is great.
I give it a 5 star rating!
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This mod is so dang fun!!! I love it, I do but I have one problem how do I activate the sa1 menu
[Golden Shine posting]
The command is "SAMENU"! If 2.2.10 supports pause screen thinkers, we'll see if just pressing pause can open it!
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What can I say that hasn't already been said?

Some time ago, I tried SAdv1 on pc, and I fell in love with its gameplay, and this mod recreates it almost perfectly!

When I tried SRB2, I missed the freedom of mobility that Aventure had, and was forced to use addons to make it look like this, but they weren't the same.

Sincerely, I congratulate MetalWario for the detail and love that he put into the mod, I am happy to see that people with passion continue to do great things like this!

P.d: It would be a good idea that the compatibility with Gomynola's mod "footsteps" (or simply add footsteps to the mod idk)
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My biggest issues with SRB2 has been how inaccessible the game is to newcomers, most common complaints I hear is how hard the characters are to control and how slippery they are.

What amazes me is not only how accurate this is but how this character actually fixes a lot of these problems I mentioned.

Having full control over sonic in every state makes him much more satisfying to play, the new controls and abilities manage to add a lot of accessibility (the best one imo is the ledge grab) and avoid being overpowered unlike characters such as modern sonic. I feel like this is a character anyone of any experience can have a lot of fun with.

What's great too is that he works amazingly well with controllers, I feel like I can recommend this to both people who love sonic adventure and people who are more used to how SRB2Kart plays.

I think that's what's the best part about this addon, I can finally recommend the game to some of my friends and tell them to use this so that they can actually play the game without struggling but not break the game in half either.

It'd be great if this some aspects of this influenced the game going forward.
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Ahem...alright so you might have spotted what I said on Twitter, so you might guess what I'm going to say here lol

Playing it with the Standard playstyle is fine and everything, but it really clicked on me one day when I had my GC pad set-up and used it (with Simple mode)...holy macaroni it feels just like SADX/SA2; it felt so comfortable and even the stupid spindash spam was there along with the incredible spin traction. That made me realize how awesome fun was designed that control scheme for a gamepad, and to see it here in SRB2 is like the Sonic Adventure 3 everybody expected

Also this might make me try porting a SADX/SA2 level to SRB2, but I'm not going to promise anything that I haven't started yet lol

5/5 stars, 10/10, outstanding (AMAZING), this is right up with the Modern Sonic, Shadow and Mario mods as some of the best character mods I've seen for SRB2 ever :D
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I have played both SA1 and SA2 and while they was fun, this is just a whole another level. I watched his progress for a while, and to have him playable right now feels like a dream. He's just so much fun that not only is he quite addictive to play with, he's the only character that I might play in Simple Mode with a controller. And I rarely use Simple Mode. His sprites and animation are so fucking gorgeous and smooth to look at and his super form is just amazing to mess around with

Massive fucking props for this Shine and Metal, he's awesome.
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well you did it, is nailed to sonic adventure games, sprites are amazing, the animations are amazing, the references to the adventures are amazing, everthing amazing!
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This is one of the highest quality mods on this site! As a fan of both Sonic Adventure and Sonic Robo blast 2 this is a perfect blend between the two games. I'd definitely recommend this to anyone who wants a fresh take on the formula without it feeling unbalanced or an entirely different game.
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