Adventure Sonic (v1.6b)

Adventure Sonic (v1.6b) v1.6b

Incredibly fun moveset, definitely the best of Adventure Sonic squeezed into this mod
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The mod is great,but how do I get the sneakers in the first place!
I want to super bounce.
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Metalwario64, it has been my greatest pleasure working with you, and I hope I did your vision justice. These sprites and animations are gorgeous and you deserve every bit of praise you've gotten for it!

Here's to the future! - Golden Servant
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It's very cool, it has too much speed but that's not the problem, the problem is that when I activate it, I choose it and the white character has the palettes wrong or maybe it has an error
Golden Shine: Spawning with a white Sonic means your v1.5 settings file was corrupted, and was converted in v1.6. Pick a color in the SAmenu and you're good to go.
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Normally I'm not super into add-on characters for playing SRB2. They might be gimmicky, OP, or just a novelty that wears off after a while. Normally, I'm not even interested enough to give a review. But this add-on is different.

The careful thought and balancing that went into this is incredible. The control is sublime and is just a joy to exist as. He's powerful and he does break some level design, but not any more than a vanilla character like Tails would. The difference is in the way Adventure Sonic breaks levels, where a character like Tails just slowly flies around, Adventure Sonic still has to maneuver dynamically, still making traversal exciting and fun.

This was clearly made with love and respect for the Adventure era of Sonic and what the gameplay style brought to the table while being considerate of how that fits into SRB2 level design conventions.

It's so well made it has become my defacto way to enjoy SRB2, and as someone who rarely wholly enjoys add-on characters, that's an impressive feat. Absolutely fantastic character add-on.
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Best SRB2 character mod ever for me (as of writing this)!
The sprites and the visual effects are beautiful, and the moveset is enjoyable and fun! This mod is really polished... It feels good playing with other "Adventure" mods aswell, like SA1 HUD, Starpost Rewards, Goal Ring, etc. I don't have any complains about this mod.
If you haven't played this mod yet, I'd recommend you to do so!
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Awesome work! Welcome to releases!
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this is THE quintessential SRB2 mod. it's packed with so much attention to detail from the sonic adventure series, from the integrity of the movesets to little things here and there. i've personally had a ton of fun either messing around, speedrunning, finding new tricks here and there and overall having an absolute blast.
the sprites are fucking fantastic, hats off to metalwario's excellent skills as a spriter. back in november 2020 they didn't look super appealing, but now i can happily say they look phenomenal, extremely detailed and very faithful to the original games' energy. ESPECIALLY super sonic, those were by far the best looking sprites in the entire package.
obviously the gameplay side of things is also extremely polished and fun. this is a character that is extremely easy to grab onto with a simple two button moveset, but has a ton of tiny details and attributes that allow for a totally different playstyle to emerge for every person. i, personally, am a big spindashing and far-thokking fan, and prefer to spend a lot of time on the ground. i do also love the little extra speedrunning additions that were really just added for fanservice, like the floatier gravity when holding jump while spinning off a ledge, or the superbounce.

overall jesus christ this mod is fantastic please play it idk if anything i've said is cohesive
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this mod is great, the only thing needed is soap shoes
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absolutely phenomenal. if there ever was a sonic adventure 3 this should be EXACTLY how sonic controls. new additions like the advance-style air dash as well as improvements to his adventure mechanics possibly make this the most fun i've had in any sonic game, no less srb2. i've missed unhinged sa1 physics so much and its great to see this reintigrate it so perfectly without any of the jank. and the ledge stop mechanic in particular is just straight up brilliantly integrated. i can't even tell what exactly sets it off and yet it only ever happens when i'd want it to. ledge grab is a literal lifesaver and so useful i wish it was a part of vanilla sonic's moveset. his sprites are so charming and well drawn that i don't even want to switch to the og adventure model despite it being an option and me personally loving his sa1 look. just perfection all around, i don't even know what else to say.
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Nice mod, man this is so damn accurate to sa1, I literally felt like I was playin the og game lol. 2401/10

...only ooooone small issue I haven't seen noted yet. As well as on pc, I got this mod on mobile, and I got to the Greenflower boss. I hit him a couple times, but then it said somethin like. 'An unfortunate LUA processing error has occurred.', then the game closed. My game was completely fine afterwards, same for the mod, but I just wanted to point something out for mobile players.

Other than that small issue, yeah the mods cool as fuck, I'd recommend this to like everyone I know lol.
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What you see is what you get, after all.

One of the most comfy and overall fun experiences I've had with this game. He controls ludicrously well on both controller AND Keyboard & mouse, and his moveset flows together super nicely.

Spindash is certainly a strong tool, what with it's insane speed conversion and overall control, but I'd be a fool to say it's what he's all about. The technique of uncurling in the air to momentarily negate air drag has been a bit more useful than one might think it'd be, and despite it seeming to be practically useless I've found a pleasant amount of ways to use the spindash hover technique to my advantage.

Homing attack is quick and snappy as it is in Adventure 2, and homing poses make it all the more aesthetically pleasing. Far thok serves as a VERY nice middle ground between single jumps and the homing attack, letting you have the burst option without forcing you to risk homing in towards an enemy if you don't want to.

Bounce attack is super versatile here, from helping you get just a teensy bit more height when you need it, or helping you platform slightly more precisely, or even letting you perform a superbounce with speed shoes/super (you can also use the bounce to "extend" homing chains to keep the poses going, which is a small thing that gives SA-Sonic a teensy bit more flair in my book.)

The Lightspeed Dash/Lightspeed Attack, despite being moreso based upon Adventure 1, functions wonderfully within the scenarios it's meant for. Want to grab a cluster of rings or fly across a line of them? Light Dash. Have a group of enemies you wanna take care of quickly or have an enemy you really don't feel like dealing with? Lightspeed Attack and watch it get turned into scrap. The Maximum Heat variant of the LSA that goes for enemies only also eliminates basically any issues of going for rings you didn't want in that scenario.

While his custom physics took a bit to get used to, they allow for movement and control that's significantly more precise compared to that of Vanilla SRB2, and it makes playing him efficiently feel way more rewarding and satisfactory.

On top of how he plays, all of the sprites and visual effects present here are absolutely gorgeous. I have yet to get sick of seeing any of them even a little.

It's been a long while since I've had a character that holds no notable complaints from me, and SA-Sonic smashes through this threshold with flying colors. Happy I was able to help in ways that I did for such an awesome project filled with very commendable amounts of passion, love, and effort.

All 7 emeralds collected more times than I can count at this point. Go play him. Gotta open your heart, dude.
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me when trolled i got trolled :/
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Man, I can't even begin to describe how well made this character is.

In a sea of Sonics, this one really does stand out on his own, and is honestly my favorite so far. Been an adventure fan since first completing SADX, and seeing so much attention to detail as well as translating both adventure movesets into SRB2's enviroment is a very impressive achievement.

That aside, it's filled with charm and love that I always love to see in mods. You two are a dangerous combo, and I can't wait to see what y'all cook up next!
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This mod is outstanding, and somehow nostalgic!
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you LITERALLY cant hate this
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GOD this has got to be one of the BEST SRB2 mods I have ever had the honor of downloading and using. The title says it all! It plays and feels JUST like SA1/2 Sonic (considering it's a mix) 10/10 One of the, if not, best mods.
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Watching the development of this has been great, and to see it finally released is just surreal at this point. This addon is truly fantastic from the spritework to how he plays. Amazing job all around.
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SA-Sonic is every bit the legend he was supposed to be when it came out. There are no words to discuss how grateful we are, Metalwario, Golden Shine, and everyone else who helped work on this masterpiece. This alone helps prove why Sonic Robo Blast 2 is the definitive sonic fangame, and how bright its future is moving forward. Now let's Live & Learn from this and continue to Open our Hearts out! Happy New Year 2022!
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(reposted to add a suggestion because I can't edit reviews)
Okay, so this addon was really worth the hype. It's one of the best things to come out of this game, and the kind of mod that first got me into its modding scene. I love every single bit of it!
I've got some suggestions though:
*Make an option to have an SA2 style Light Dash, so instead of charging up you can just tap Spin to dash. This would make it way more useful. Also possibly a Somersault option? It isn't the most useful thing, specially in SRB2, but it would be neat to see, specially if it came with its fire upgrade and could break Knuckles walls or something.
*Make Sonic able to use jump abilities from springs. You're able to do this in the Adventure games, or at least SA1, I'm not so sure about SA2.
*This one is a minor thing, but it's an idea I had that could be pretty dope. If you have an Attraction or Lightning Shield, it would be neat if the Light Speed Attack's trail changed to the one from Sonic Heroes' Team Sonic Team Blast.
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