Now presenting the Dentaypack! A pack made for the people of the Fruit Soda discord server that is now being shared with the general public. Featuring 6 amazing characters mixed between completely original faces to well known gaming icons.

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Dan From Buffalo (Derelict Heaven)
Speed - 3
Weight - 7

Taking a break from running his burger shop, Dan decided that kart racing was a nice way to spend his vacation. With a low speed but high weight, Dan can make sure the hubbub of racers on the course stay out of his way.
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Taful (Derelict Heaven)
Speed - 7
Weight - 3

Not wanting Dan to have all the fun, Taful follows him to SRB2Kart. He has a high speed and low weight, so make sure not to bump into anyone while you're zooming around the track, because they'll probably bump back.
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Bourbon the Clown (???)
Speed - 0
Weight - 0

"Who invited this clown?" The other racers ask. Little do they know, Bourbon invited himself. While he may seem like his low speed and weight would be his undoing, Bourbon makes up for it with high acceleration and handling.
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Garfield (Garfield)
Speed - 1
Weight - 9

Garfield may be mortal in his racing form, but don't expect that to mean he'll go down easy. With a low speed but monster weight, he'll be a dominant force in any battle, but have trouble keeping up in races.
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Cloud Strife (Final Fantasy VII)
Speed - 9
Weight - 1

The protagonist of the Final Fantasy series, Cloud, has arrived for the races. He'll speed around the track without saying a word, but watch out, his low weight makes him an easy target for getting knocked into oblivion.
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Vergil (Devil May Cry Series)
Speed - 8
Weight - 2

Not wanting to be shown up by his brother appearing in Playstation All Stars, Vergil reluctantly joined this crossover opportunity. By which we mean he let us use his image on a stand in. While you may be drawn in by his high speed and low weight, you'll stay for his constant spouting of quotes from his main series.
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