[2.1 port] Seraphic Skylands Zone

[2.1 port] Seraphic Skylands Zone v3.1

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Mainly developed from 2010 to 2014, winning the first 2.1 OLDC, Seraphic Skylands is the first single player map I've ever released. While a complete remake of this map is in progress, that's currently on the backburner due to my focus on vanilla SRB2 development, so I've decided to make a simple port in the meantime.

However, considering the differences between 2.1 and 2.2, this still required a couple of tweaks to the map:
  • Some areas saw minor changes to allow or intentionally block Amy and Fang, allowing them to beat the level and preventing them from getting softlocked. However, quite a few areas in this map are designed around spindashing, so it is recommended to play as characters that can do so.
  • Most spikes in the map had invisible FOFs with spike damage, which have been mostly removed. This means Amy and Metal Sonic can properly interact with them. However, certain spikes are intended to be unbreakable, which now have unique sprites.
  • Various other map elements, like fan particle generators and floor/ceiling alignment, changed behavior completely in 2.2 and needed to be fixed.
Aside from that and some minor bugfixes, the level has been kept intact as much as possible. While it may feel quite outdated now, almost 10 years(!) after its initial release and without slopes, I hope people can still appreciate this map, even if only as a glimpse into SRB2's history.

Release history

12/04/2023 - v3.1
  • Fixed ceiling spikes being broken
  • Added distinct sprites for unbreakable spikes
  • Fixed a couple of incorrect block textures
  • Removed incorrect SStage_Start from the main configuration
  • Opened up one more path for Fang/Amy

04/04/2023 - v3.0
  • Initial 2.2 release
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Latest updates

  1. v3.1 update

    Just a small update: Fixed ceiling spikes being broken Added distinct sprites for unbreakable...

Latest reviews

Even after all these years, it still plays great and is a treat for the eyes.

It would be great if an updated version with slopes would be added to 2.3 to replace that old Aerial Garden Zone, which has not held up at all compared to this masterpiece of level design.
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I've been on a kick playing 2.1 and older levels and I'd only known of Sphere through twitter gifs, I had no idea what if any levels you did before now.
I'd only dreamed of playing those levels in the gifs and *wow*, despite being so old it felt like that wait paid off in some way? I just had a feeling this map would be great, and it really is! from the visual design to the level layout/structure and way you used visual ques to guide the player through the level. I really love it, it's on par with Abandoned Airbase Zone for me personally.

Dying to play your other maps/remakes.
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This is the map that heavily impacted me and my mapping skills. Always pushed me to do better and invest a lot of effort in my maps, especially on the visual part. Almost 10 years and I'm still at a loss for words during my walkthrough, just shows you how a good map can hold on for so long if effort has been put on. Thank you for releasing this again Sphere! You truly are a huge inspiration for the community. Of course I am super impatient to see your remake, which will be stellar.
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Agh, I've missed this level. I don't think I managed to collect all the emblems in 2.1, so this time around I thoroughly explored as much as I could and finally got them all... except then I found out there's a secret developer time emblem, so I guess I'm not quite done with this yet!!
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While it does show its age to a point (ie. no slopes). The scenery looks great, everything plays well, and the emblems are tricky enough to get without being frustrating. I do hope we will soon see an updated version of this with all of the graphical and/or mapping features that have been introduced since SRB2 2.1.
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As always, this is still one of greatest levels in SRB2's history.
I'm extremely happy to see it again!
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One of the most 2.1's memorable maps that doesnt have to be forgotten ever
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The kind of map that makes you wish there were more maps like it
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Easily one of my favorite stages from 2.1, and srb2 in general! getting to play it again has only cemented that for me! It's wonderful seeing it get a port after so long!
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10 years old yet it still sparkles like a diamond. An ageless stage filled with gorgeous visuals and unique but fun platforming challenges. Glad to see the tweaks to allow for No Spins. Those changes are very much appreciated! I can't wait to see what you do next!
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