XSRB2 vX-010 - Updated 7.17.11 7:11PM EDT (xsrb2-010.zip/xmus.dta)

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How about stopping to completely misunderstand each other? ;)

From what I understood, Kirblord23 suggested that SRB2's secret levels should be accessible as a separate level pack so that they show up in Time Attack, just like what it does for SRB1 Remake. That has nothing to do with custom level packs like Tortured Planet.


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Whoops, my bad... ._.
Let us go ontopic now... If anyone has something else to say except "this is awsome" or "hey inuyasha I friend added you to steam and you didn't respond for 5 days YOU LIL..." nevermind ^.^

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The link doesn't work, Jimmy!
Ok, sorry about that (laughed a few). The link doesn't work. Why don't you put the URL link? That would be easier.


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The link doesn't work because you're not using an SVN client. And now don't come asking what that is, Google it.


Playing through the levels was really fun. Hope this gets finished soon.

I'd have to say this mod is innovative, and changes SRB2 in ways that makes the game much more enjoyable.


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I'm just curious- Who made the music for this? It sounds a lot like F-Zero, it's really cool.


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Great and all, but a couple things

I'm sorry for bringing this up 2 weeks later (It's the only actual mod in the hall of fame, but...) but I wanted to say this is very good at it's current stage. There are some things to consider, and I'm not entirely sure what type of glitch/bug/whatever it may be.

First off, when I finished FFZ3, I unlocked the secrets page, due to the Extra Emblem #1... okay, fine. But this transferred over to my REGULAR SRB2, even though I'm not done with it (Still in Techno Hill, unmmodded). Not sure if this was a glitch or something, but I'd thought I'd point that out.

I went to Co-op next to see the other stages... the ones in pre-pre-alpha and so on. (Don't worry, I didn't record these, nor did I record anything... don't have a recording program.) In the updating DDZ1, I went to turn on the cheats and it said it was unknown. (I don't normally turn them on, but I didn't advertise the server and no-one goes online anyway.) I was wondering if you're not going to put that in, instead finding an alternative to this.

This was executed beautifully otherwise. I wish you luck in future updates.
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