XSRB2 vX-010 - Updated 7.17.11 7:11PM EDT (xsrb2-010.zip/xmus.dta)

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vX-010 released! (at 7.17.11 7:11PM EDT)
A changelog is available in this post.
The music file has still not changed since vX-006, no need to redownload it if you already have it.

XSRB2 is officially on indefinite hiatus.

Okay, I feel bad messing with you guys like I did last time, and it's been forever since I've done a real release, so...

No forced crashes, no stupidity, and hell, I even took a little extra time and fixed CZ64's little Time Attack bug.

Just a bunch of crazy stuff wrapped into one little package.

For example...

Remember that one boss (FFZ3) in my YouTube video? It's there.



Remember Golf Mode? It's back, and better than before.


Need a new gametype to hold you over? Shards is a completely new addition here.


Didya ever think the load/save screen needed revamping? Well, so did I.


Other new stuff? Yeah, sure!

And a hell of a lot more... including some things which can't be accurately shown in screenshots...

Source code is available on SRB2MODS, where it'll probably stay for a long while.

And the downloads are now all attachments. Enjoy.


  • xsrb2-010.zip
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  • xsrb2-music.zip
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Not this moron again...
This is quite literally the future of gameplay.
And those staff times are quite literally impossible to beat XD
but this is an exellent addition to srb2


What should I say... Back into the Hall of Fame!

In all seriousness, I love Shards (probably because I'm not very good at shooting but can still gain points), I love what is already there of Factory Farce (though those Crawlas need to go), I love the beta parts of Factory Farce (especially the idea with the coloring liquids) and I love the boss of Factory Farce. Daybreak Dash is more or less a typical first zone, it's not bad, but there's not much to say about it. The save system should definitely be implemented into SRB2 itself.


The game tries to warp me to a nonexistant map number at the end of the first zone.

This happening to anyone else?


Not this moron again...
The game tries to warp me to a nonexistant map number at the end of the first zone.

This happening to anyone else?
Take that as a no, that happened to me in the version before this.
About the Factory Farce: I go behind a couple of crates and find some tunnels in the wall I try to spin through them but sonic somehow dosen't fit


There are ways to make you fit, keep searching.

EDIT: By the way, the secret with the Pop-Up Turret is impossible, since you can't kill it while shrunk.

EDIT2: No it isn't impossible, it's just much more epic than I thought.
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Wow, this mod is so awesome I came back from the dead just to post in this topic.

The new Shards gametype was pretty interesting. Sort of reminds me of territories only you carry them around with you. I was overjoyed, perhaps more then I really should've been, when I found those tiny Crawla's. I stamped over those little suckers and laughed the whole way through. This mod easily has potential and I simply can't wait to see more.

Also, Seventh Heaven Zone's music is awesome. Their are two monitors hidden in that level. Can ya find 'em?


The unreliable judge

But, I digress. What is finished so far was great fun to play through, I'm loving what you've done with the bosses and the new gimmicks inserted into the stages. (Although, I was a little disappointed to find that the special stage shown off in one of your videos wasn't in this version, but if all 7 special stages aren't finished yet, then it makes sense)

Also, shards mode has proven to be good fun, a little frustrating if there's a large score gap you have no hope of catching up to, but fun whether you're winning or not.

Also, regarding the visual changes to SRB2 with this exe. The after image from the speed shoes does not flip while you are under the effect of reversed gravity.



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I'm definitely downloading this when I get home. It looks utterly epic, and I'm so glad that you seem to have fixed the crashes. What caused them, by the way?


Sonic Golf is a feature of this pack that I really like.
I enjoy the mechanics and it's a fun mode to do with the courses provided.


Not this moron again...

I suck at Sonic Golf. :3


I win at sonic golf :3

More on topic: I like eggman's (railgun?) weapon in factory farce and everything else about the boss battle. At one point when the boss is low on HP, the turrets go into nazi mode XD
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Formerly Inuyasha, Retired Staff
The game tries to warp me to a nonexistant map number at the end of the first zone.

This happening to anyone else?

That was caused by me being tired at three in the morning and putting the wrong value in the wrong field in a map header. I fixed it about 50 minutes after I posted the topic and reuploaded it, so if you downloaded it before then, you should re-download it again.


Good to see the real one is here...I'm liking it so far but only two things I'd like to say.

One I can understand the point of killing the player when they swap skins but when in coop, lets say a player joins a game, all right he is a blue sonic, but wants to be a yellow tails. So he swaps his color to yellow and changes his skin to tails. Well he just randomly dies. To add to that some players like to quickly swap to tails to help another player but will probably die in the process.

Two, I really think I said this before when we were testing the shards game but o well. The shards (I think from Crash Bandicoot?) really seem small and thin, sometimes they can blend in, like hiding near a scatter ring.

Still this exe is quite fun. Hopefully it can be finished...but that's when its done...


Not this moron again...
The shards (I think from Crash Bandicoot?) really seem small and thin
They most certainly do look like they're from crash badicoot but I think they may be customised objects because of the fact the MOD itself has a few customised stuff already


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Finally...What have we (espessially I) waited for...
A fun...v2.0...mod! (Hope this is not an April Fools joke...)

I'm gonna log into a XSRB2 netgame to check it's awesomeness...then decided should i be be back now, or i can still wait...
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