What do you think is the hardest special stage you ever played?


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You do know there are more versions than just these 2,right?
I mean,there are hundreds of versions of Sonic 1.
Mobile java.
Sms and sgg.
Nintendo switch sega ages.
Sonic1 forever. (unoriginal)
And sonic origins.
And it's all versions who i'll knows.


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Sonic Jam's Special Stages are crap.
also i hate sonic 1's special stages. but lost world (3DS) is worse. (and i mean not hard, but it acts stupid in every way)
Seconding Sonic 1. It's not that they're particularly difficult, but they're such a pain to control. S3&K's special stages were fun but frustrating. Sonic 1 Special Stages are just plain frustrating. I do enjoy the trippy visuals though.


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Used to think the last SPSTG from SRB2 was hard years ago. Before that, S3/S3&K SPSTGs in general(i eventually beat both chaos and super emerald stages a few months ago). Also Sonic 2 special stages past the red emerald. All the Sonic 1 special stages, and...holy heck, S4EP2's last special stage gave me a hard time years ago as well. Sonic Rush SPSTGs were also hard at times, but I eventually passed them a while back. SM/SMP past the...third stage I think? It was hard for a bit a few years back. Same for SCD. That's all I can remember right now.

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