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And this.


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Love the new look, and the orange bars in the top right corner when performing an action is a cute touch. The mobile layout is also very clean. Keep up the great work everyone!


I don't come around here often, so I had no idea this upgrade was going to happen. Imagine my shock when I came back and the forum looked like this. I like it. Welcome to a new age, SRB2 forums.


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Well, this is certainly different. Not what I was expecting when I decided to do a quick lurk around this morning. But I actually like this new layout.

The old forum layout was way overdue a makeover and it’s nice to see it have a modernised look and feel. Also being able to browse on mobile is a freaking god send. Now I can properly browse through pages without having to constantly zoom in/out to fit the text box on my screen.

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Guys, not mini-moderating, but uhhh, the circus is in another place, this place is to talk about the new message board, not to shitpost or anything else.

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