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We are expected to Sonic Robo Bast 2 addons that we need it. So, give us something new and go to the best.
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While i don't post very often, i'll come on and say this upgrade was much needed, looks great!

(Also Fang theme & username changes are a thing! been wanting to change out of my old username, which i did.)

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I'd say the only problem is that it took a few days so I couldn't use it and it took some time to get used to but it is kinda better.


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It was about time I think it's good for now, it would be good to add a chat box for users to send their greetings and there you can interact a little more.

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The upgrade of the hoster for the SRB2 message board is good... But it's so different that I find it hard to come onto here as often as I did before... But yeah emotes is life now :worry::wow:

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