[Reusable] Virtual's MD2 Parade - Sonic 2006 travels to Srb2!

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Just wanna say I'm terribly sorry for disappearing, but bigger projects have been taking my whole time away, I will come back once I can release those projects to the public, not too long for that to happen, sorry I couldn't deliver what I promised, I still love Srb2 and I still revisit the game and the forums a bit frequently on my spare time.

So all I can say is just new stuff is coming in the future, maybe in time for when 2.2 releases but the point is I will come back!

oh wow I really thought you were gone


So 2.2 has finally released and these md2's are now outdated, only working on 2.1.X, at some point in the future once 2.2 gets new releases accepted, I'll be redoing all of these models for better fidelity and quality and put them in 2.2, just letting you all know these will get ported to 2.2!

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