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Posted by SeventhSentinel on 02-15-2021 04:09 AM.

Happy Valentine’s Day! We at Sonic Team Junior love our playerbase so much that we’re doing two cool things:

  • We’re giving you a prerelease build of v2.2.9. Find it on our Discord server!
  • We are finally migrating to the new message board software. In under 24 hours, the process will begin, and the message board will go down for maintenance. Goodbye, vBulletin! Hello, Xenforo!
As always, thanks for sticking around and playing SRB2! We wouldn’t be where we are without you!

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since some people here might not have discord, like me, for the sake of all people without discord accounts, might I ask for someone to provide a link to the download?
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Ooo neat! Cant wait to join the new MB. Will this one get archived in any form?

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About discord yes I don't have one but I'm thinking to make one In the future because it will take a lot of my time and I already have many things to do on the day !
But I hope they will add new features to the MB
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I really LOVED so much 2.2.9, it's so amazing, and also,


I fricking love so much this AAAAAAAAAAAAA

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