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Trophies in SRB2 - Adds Brawl-like Trophies to Sonic Robo Blast 2.

Trophies for SRB2 adds Trophies that resemble the Trophies from Super Smash Bros Brawl.

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It features the Main Characters of SRB2, but Custom Trophies can be made via a WAD and PK3 Editor.

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Just a small recolor of Tails as a example.

To access the Trophies, you can start a New Game, or access it from Level Select.

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How do i navigate the Menu
If you check the overview of the post, there is now a portion at the bottom that explains the controls for the trophy menu.
If that happens to not load, however, you just gotta hit the ring weapon keys (number keys by default.)


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This is a nice concept, imagine the possibilities if a RPG mode is developed with this type of collectibles...


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This really gives me Smash Brawl vibes. Probably cause of the music. But yeah this is pretty neat this looks really nice with models too

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