The Sillyfier

The Sillyfier v1.1

JonBaxter submitted a new resource:

The Sillyfier - Distort your game horribly!

A very simple and highly silly mod that distorts every object in a map as soon as it spawns!

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For some Extra Silliness™ use the utterchaos command to have all map objects distort in real time!

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❤️ Turret49
For the great mod idea

❤️ Delf
For providing a handy dandy easing script for the map objects in utter chaos mode

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JonBaxter updated The Sillyfier with a new update entry:

Version 1.1 - More stable multiplayer

When in a netgame the mod will no longer randomly tweak every object that spawns, only map things.

This should considerably reduce the amount of resyncs, but it'll also make objects like player special effects and dropped rings not be "sillified" when online. These changes have not been applied to utter chaos mode and single player, which are still being distorted at full power!

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