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The Max Control continues...

The Real Inferno

Blazing Fan
Well, uh, MCSonic won't be alone.

(Very early development footage (just started a DAY ago), things are likely to be improved).

The Real Inferno

Blazing Fan
Current planned roster:
MCSonic - Done, other than potential tweaks.
MCTails - Lack of ideas.
MCKnuckles - I need to work more on ideas.
MCAmy - Shown above, in progress right now.
MCFang - I have a few ideas, so this might come along.
MCMetal - This was the second Max Control character to begin to be conceptualized, and I might be onto something currently. Likely to be 3rd.

Might add tag-team support amongst the series eventually, and I have ideas for that, so that'll be interesting.


Ok, I'll try to be clear with my ideas, and I might edit this post if I think of more...

- MCtails could have a tail swipe, for defeating enemies while moving, without having to go into a roll, or slow down. Maybe it could act almost as a horizontal insta-shield-like ability? It could have an extra large hitbox, with the extent shown by a disjointed motion trail, like the ability was in Sonic Megamix, before being cancelled.

-a flight cancel. I know it's simple, but it's also effective for falling fast, or bouncing on a badnik.

-alternatively, maybe a downwards flight, where tails spins his... tails downwards, possibly with a unique sprite, that can defeat enemies below and could act as a fastfall, possibly with a buffed badnik bounce power?

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