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The Max Control continues...


known as AHHHHHHHHHH online
Started work on basic Hyper MCAmy stuff:


I got an idea you can have him use a flight ability that launches him upward in a NiGHTS into Dreams type of style way with him being engulfed in a cosmic or starry aura, Call it the Cosmo/Starry Burst. However it immediately makes Tails tired and leaves him in his normal falling state instead of just slowly falling down.
Why not add a version without the flash to not make our eyes hurt? Like Xmomentum where there is a command to remove the hyper flashes
MCAmy is a good idea tho, looks cool. Wish ya luck!


Sorry my bad

(I really wish I could delete my message and save myself from more embarrassment)

(I even read the ablity list and I still asked this I have no idea why ahhh)

Anyway so,better question

What made you decide to do this whole Max Control thing
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