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So following the reveal of Sonic Mania in 2016 there were MULTIPLE attempts to recreate the drop dash in SRB2. Saturn's Drop Dash, Hatninja's Drop Dash, Rumia's Drop Dash, and even Lat''s unreleased Drop Dash script that you probably never heard of. Well with a lot of tinkering about with ideas from ALL of these scripts, combined with the release of Sonic Mania for the best reference possible, this is Sonic Mania's Drop Dash.


This ability can be a little tricky to get working correctly, similar to the actual game. You have to release the jump button while jumping, and press it again, holding it until the animation plays, keep in mind that there is a little delay before the ability works like you expect it to.

This Drop Dash is highly dependent on your speed, the faster you are, the faster the drop dash will thrust you forward, however it is capped at 60*FRACUNIT. This mod is also compatible with classic.wad to cope with its own physics modifications.

If you don't like it being a jump ability, you're free to edit it yourself. Go on! Make it a Spin Button ability if you want!


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I actually had those sprites from an incomplete version for a LOOONG time from Swift
I just thought this was already uploaded
Anyway, this is pretty amazing! (especially that it's more stable than the version I hogged for so long :P)
though it appears that the animation does skip a few frames when moving very fast :/
Oh Sapheros, i was waiting to see if you were going to try making a drop dash script, and you did a great job! A detail i also liked, is that you made this compatible with classic.wad! Thank you very much and keep the good work!
How do make a command where I transform into Super Sonic with a shield? (For example, with the Super Transformation button mod.)
Sapheros can't answer your question because he was permanently banned from the community.

I know that. I'm not asking him...

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How can I change it to work as a Custom Action ability instead of a Jump ability?

I think you have to edit the script in the wad and change all 6 "BT_USE"s to "BT_CUSTOM1" or "BT_CUSTOM2".
I'm back from my age old grave to say... you did an amazing job! Also:
I think you have to edit the script in the wad and change all 6 "BT_USE"s to "BT_CUSTOM1" or "BT_CUSTOM2".
I believe this is how I did it back in my old code? I lost the original file, so I have no clue. But regardless, that's right.

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