[Reusable] The AMT Crawla... released? Wait wut?

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Today, I decided to be generous, and I'm giving you my first SOC ever (Yes, this old thing is used here and?)
This enemy is used in Icefield Volcano Zone, which I think is going straight to the OLDC! Anyways, it's not against the rules to use a released content in the level, it's just the level itself which doesn't have to be released before, well, sorry for annoying you with this long and useless part.

Anyways, this enemy is free-to-use as long as you give credits in your mod (Just don't forget to copypaste those first lines in the MAINCFG) as Thing 4020, in case, a sample map is included, replacing MAP01.

Well, nothing more to say. "Thanks, and have fun" -Gaben

Also, as a gif would be useless (In fact, the router here doesn't allow to upload one, because it crashes while doing it), here is a sprite of the enemy!


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This works, has an example map, and is updated for 2.1 SOC's. Welcome to releases.


permission to use the amt_crawla in my wad

Can I use this enemy in my stage that I am about to create?


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This makes me wonder why crawls have that protrusion that looks like a cannon on their face if they can't shoot out of it.


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It's actually a big air intake pipe. You heard it here first.
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