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[Reusable] Terron for SRB2Kart (v 1.2)

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Terron - one of three dominator's brain centers. He wants transform everything at university into himself. Someone have seen his small copies at Mobius. Everyone don't know what is he planning, but it can be a huge problem in the future...


Terron is a character from Space Rangers 2, and now he is playable for srb2kart. The owner of Gralgar system tries to transform more territories, and palying as him you can help to finish this mission.

P.S. Don't shoot at him. If you'll do this, you will regret this soon

Special thanks to Classic Egg for help with some sprites

*Update 1.1: Fixed some sprites*
*Update Revision 1: Added animation on wheels like in original characters*
*Update 1.2: Added PK3 support, Default color was changed to Moss, fixed some sprites*


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Oh wow, I remember seeing progress on this character starting around launch! He's a pretty strange choice for a character wad to me, but not like that's a problem. Welcome to releases!

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