Team (Insert Team Name Here)!


Hey guys! Gomero's Here, just wanted to say some things about the mod and other things, the mod of Sebas, The Human, my other mod is going well... But... Im starting to see to some Character Mod Teams, i played the mods, and is actually AWESOME, so i was thinkin... "Hey, what if you MAKE friends, so you can put it in da mod like a Team?" And yeah, im kinda lazy to do that (JK) so i want to YOU to help, im going to include OCs, Original Characters, etc...

And yeah, is going to be great and that, but i SERIOUSLY need help, if some of you wanna help me to make this reality, im don't going to stop you, if you know some about the LUAs Stuff, the you can help me a lot, and you will make your character if you want to.

Whatever, that's all, g'night.

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