1. Aquavine

    How to make a pushable button (linedef 403) open a moving door (linedef 404).

    When making my map I wanted to make a door that opens only when you press a button, but I don't want a boring flat sector, but a real button that actually goes down when jump on it. I already figured out how to make a button and the door, but the problem now is how to make them work together...
  2. Aquavine

    THINGS lump not found (even if it's clearly there)

    I was trying to make my first PK3 from two WAD's and it went smoothly until the maps couldn't load due to this: The THINGS are in the WAD's but SRB2 says they aren't. I looked for other threads like this but I couldn't find anything close to this situation. It happens everytime I try to load...

    lost a version of my level pack

    hi erm today i was casually working on a level for a levelpack, however when i loaded the levelpack, everything was gone. all the lua scripts, all the socs, everything. is there any way to back it up? thanks
  4. thespongemagic

    How do I replicate the fuzzy effect during the idle animation

    I have a very specific question pertaining to making a custom character in SRB2Kart. I was wondering if it's at all possible to recreate the phasing effect you see on the sprites when you're idle. I thought it would be displacing every other vertical column. But when I go to do it, it looks off...
  5. Garului

    (Ring Racers Question) About HUD modding...

    Hello! This is my first thread post, so apologies if I get something wrong. Since the 2.1 update of DRRR, I've been starting to enjoy the game a bit more since many issues of 2.0 have been fixed. Though, in terms of gameplay itself, there is one thing that is really stopping me from what I...
  6. Gomero_Z

    Team (Insert Team Name Here)!

    Hey guys! Gomero's Here, just wanted to say some things about the mod and other things, the mod of Sebas, The Human, my other mod is going well... But... Im starting to see to some Character Mod Teams, i played the mods, and is actually AWESOME, so i was thinkin... "Hey, what if you MAKE...
  7. Gomero_Z

    Sebas, The Human. ( My oc and very first mod! )

    ¡Feliz jueves santo, amigos mios! Here's Gomero, the little project is going good, i mean, there's already a little sprites made it, so i considered this like an GREAT Advance on the mod, and well yes is it, if you wanna see how is going, you can see the gif, really easy. Goodbye, and Happy...
  8. jaximations


    my oc is gonna be a mod! but the 3 customs are unused? can yall help!? use a theme of shapeshifting, fake peppino type stuff! also the mods gonna have 4 other characters thatre significant in my oc's lore* pls make custom button abilities! *overwrites amy with a pallette swap,and adds...
  9. MrBoingBD

    Help With Poly-Objects (zone builder)

    Is there anyone out there that is knowledgeable on poly-objects? The Official guide Is a bit confusing and would like a video or something on it or LOT more screen shots on how to make them.
  10. Cinos4778

    Cinos W.I.P

    So this is my first ever character mod I created. btw its called cinos Ive only done the wait sprites for now and XTRAB0
  11. rosie the racoon

    is it possible to make polyobjects harmful

    i need to know for this saw here is it possible am i dumb
  12. Aquavine

    Can you make a sector that renders the sky texture, without deleting a sector.

    So when making a stage, I wanted to make a thok barrier, but one of the barriers were inside a sector, and I ended up with a invisible wall instead of a sector rendering the sky. Which made it look extremly ugly, I made a quick presentation of what I want to achieve: The sector in the middle is...
  13. ComicCore

    I wanna add a character but I don't know how

    Kev the stickman
  14. MrBoingBD

    Static rope hang FOF ERROR

    I'm having some issue in my Level mod, With Rope hang segments: "ERROR: A FOF tagged 40 has a top height below its bottom." "ERROR: A FOF tagged 35 has a top height below its bottom." "ERROR: A FOF tagged 27 has a top height below its bottom." And Hanging on a rope will for some reason work if...
  15. Noob2461

    Lua help (button wise)

    (No idea if this is in the right place or not but here goes) Is there a way to make a button press instead of a hold? for example, the tutorial for changing Sonic's colour to red, you have to hold custom 1, but is it possible to make it just a button press? if so, what's the input?
  16. Tails20156

    How do you make a 3d model pack on Android?

    Seriously though, I only have a android 8.
  17. Tempmarrow

    Can I use almost all Lua from reusable assets.

    What it says on the tin. Would it be possible if I only just sprite and use Re-usable assets?
  18. SpookySociopath

    Need help finding a mod

    Hello, does anybody know what character this might be? I saw it in a video once and it looks really cool, I can’t find it no matter how hard I look. If anyone knows where I might be able to find it, that’d be greatly appreciated! I apologize if this is the wrong category, i couldn’t find an...
  19. Aquavine

    Homing attack doesn't work correctly in a specific sector in the stage (Solved)

    #I solved it somehow# While testing a stage I noticed that when using homing attack in a specific sector sonic gets stuck midair (even if not locked on) From what I know this is levels fault but I don't have an idea what causes this so if someone knows how to fix this I would be thankful...
  20. sy1vi3

    Adding an Existing Custom Ability to an Existing Custom Character

    Hello! I'm making my first post on the forum to ask for some help with a little project I've gotten myself into. Basically, I want to play the game using a Blaze model (along with the custom menu image, etc. provided by .Luke's Blaze The Cat,) and also a custom ability, namely Rebound Dash...