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The entire point of his control scheme is to complement his speed based gameplay. Think of it like FSonic but with few differences that still accommodate to keeping your speed up.

Peel out: Hold spin while standing (also charges your dashmode)
Spindash: Jump while charing the peel out (press jump again to cancel it)
Dashmode: Keep running for a while or just charge the peel out
Homing attack: Double jump
Art & Animations:

Sprite indexing & importing:

Version 1.1:
• Fixed issue where charging the peelout played a sound globally
• Fixed issue where drowning sprite didn't show up
• Fixed issue where dying during the peelout charge forced the player to be unable to move until charging another peelout
• Walking animations now speed up two seconds before dashmode starts

Version 1.2:
• Fixed bug where Sonic would come to a complete standstill if no direction was held while releasing the peelout
• Fixed bug where Sonic's animations displayed incorrectly if charging the peelout on a conveyor without holding any direction
• Widened homing attack angle range from 90° in front of Sonic to 120°
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Prime 2.0

"Toei Sonic, from Sonic CD's intro"

There, now this thread isn't invisible to the most common things people googling for it will type. :v


Roach when Sonic
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Updated the first post with a mirror download link, for anyone having trouble to download it.


Is this drawn? It's really really well-done. My only complaint is that the walking frames only reach full speed right before he kicks into boost mode.


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Okay, so I've tried it, and I think it's pretty okay.
But there's some criticisms that I would like to make;

1. The homing attack (that puts the homing in homing attack) will make you REALLY disoriented when you first try it, and weird shenanigans can occur with it. I even had some cases where I tried to thok, when I'd suddenly be flying up (literally) into a enemy and not my destination.

2. It feels a little too much of a clone of FSonic, with the "run and you get fsat" system and the spinning mechanisms.

Overall, I really liked the art of the WAD and kinda liked the "direction" it was going.

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and also it's not BAD, it's mediocore tbh
I always loved CD Sonic intro art style, so glad someone finally managed to make a playable character similar to it <3, Just could use little bit of shading and perhaps remove that dash mode, It's pretty Meh.


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Chrispy's new Sonic he's making, Lach's CDSonic and now this, you think that's enough Sonics, lol
(not that I'm complaining, mind)

Probably doesn't need to be said that it looks amazing, and he's fun to play as as well. Though yes the homing attack can be a bit wonky as said earlier (I'm not sure about it being able to target enemies that are almost on top of you) and it's kinda lame the boost mode is just FSonic's boost mode, even if I prefer the way it works much better here. Also since you can let go of the peelout and hit spin immediately after to spin, nobody is going to ever use the spindash unless they're cycling through it to cancel the peelout. And no TSuper TSonic? Boo.

Pretty good overall.


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Please fix the Global peel-out sound effect whoever. Its really loud if spammed and i dont want to hear people constantly peelling-out


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So I ran through some level packs with this, and woooo

The homing attack is so much fun to use, both for keeping momentum and zooming up and around to teach those goddamn Jetty-Syns a lesson. Pretty fun overall.

Question is, do I combine SRB2DVD with this or CD Sonic for the true CD experience™?
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Suggestion: Why not give him the ability to spin when he's uncurled in the air, since he does that a lot in the actual animation.


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For once, something that was being worked on slipped by me completely! There was no editing thread for it and I must've missed any Discord posts if there were any.

I absolutely love this wad, I stayed up all night playing with it!
I am slightly disappointed that while the homing portion of the thok is momentum based, the regular thok is not (unless it is and I didn't notice, in which case I probably look a bit silly). If it IS momentum based I would like to see the strength of it toned down just a tad.

The animations look wonderful though I do wish the faster jogging animation started slightly sooner than just a few frames before the peelout animation starts.

Finally, while my mod does make this character incredibly fun for me to play (instant mobile peel out, no spindash, thok allows you to gain a lot of speed, running animation starting way too soon), this is clearly not the intended behavior. I will try to pump out a version of classic to accommodate for the unique gameplay of ToeiSonic


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Hello! I'm glad everyone likes TSonic so far. I'm responsible for programming the homing attack and the peelout, but I've only been working on the WAD since a few days ago and there was no netgame test for it, so that's why there are a couple of issues with the sounds and the drowning sprite not showing up and all. They've all been fixed for whenever the next version will be and I'm now looking into gameplay improvements.

It seems people are pretty split about the homing attack being able to aim upwards, so I've made a poll here. I don't know for sure whether we'll take the results of the poll into account, but I figured it was worth posting anyway, just so we can update this thing as early as possible!

@Rumia1, the thok is a normalspeed-based thok, just like FSonic. You thok at your current top speed.
@Goldenhog, the spindash has a higher max speed than the peelout. ;)
@h0is, we discussed it and ultimately decided it wasn't really necessary. Besides, there are Lua scripts out there that let you do this anyway, so you can use those instead.
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