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The Noob in action ☆
Normally, they do not have faces in Alan Becker's animations. I added faces for them to define their personalities. And also because Jay T has a face.
these sprites don't seem to be consistent (the SPNGA sprites)
K_Nooby007 updated Stick-Chars with a new update entry:

Fixed SPNG's sprites and emotes available

If you noticed SPNGA's seemed a inconsistent (because in SPNGA3A7, they had long torso) :worry: Well, you don't have to bother yourself for that.
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Thanks to Dox the fox for the notice.^-^

Also, The Stick-Chars can now taunt :wow:

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(I know you don't see the taunt well)

Share some of your emotions by pressing Custom 3
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To make other taunts, press...

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K_Nooby007 updated Stick-Chars with a new update entry:

New Character

Hi, It's me again and today a new character original of mine appears.

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So my little brother who also plays srb2, but cannot join SRB2mb (cuz younger than 13yrs) dared me to make a character the fast as I can, or else, he'd keep begging playing on my school PC to play SRB2 (when HE has a PC to play it). I didn't wanted my character to be messed up so I decided to make it as a robotic...

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K_Nooby007 updated Stick-Chars with a new update entry:

New abilities and changes

Imma just put a list of additional stuffs and the changes I've made:
  • Everyone's normal speed and accelstart and acceleration have been set to default.
  • Red's flying actionspd got buffed: 33 -> 38
  • Red's mindash got nerfed: 45 ->40
  • Red and Blue has a new running animation.
  • Blue doesen't have his dashmode and run on water flag anymore.
  • Silvar joins the gang
  • Silvar also has a new XTRAB0 image.
  • Silvar jump a bit higher because he can carry while floating.
  • Yellow...

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I didn't added them, they're kinda op with their flight, elemantal powers, vira blade, etc. That will just make the game so easy if you play as them. They can easily deal with any enemies and fly throught the whole level, so in my opinion I don't think that'd be a good idea to add them in srb2.

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