SRB2Hub for 2.2!!

SRB2Hub for 2.2!! 2.10


Its good and everything works, except for one thing. When going into the lobby area, I can't load in the level select area. However, I can the other way around. I have to restart the map if I want to go pick a level.


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awww I love this!

takes me back to all the RP maps for Little Big Planet 2; but on top of that you fully integrated it seamlessly into the vanilla game while doubling as a more interesting and immersive level select/debug. This is quite the mod and it'd be a crime to take this off my autoexec.cfg
I'm happy to see this ported, I am abit sad that SRB1 remake levels seem to gone from 2.2 but I've live.

Two things I do hope to be changed/fixed is how you can't go to gameplay area from the hangout area for somewheres.

And how Haunted Heights' selection area has ice walls from Frozen Hillside and not ones from it's level.

This is a extra tiny nitpick but making Amy an uninteractable object for the Frozen Hillside selection area would be nice.

room man

entrance: door
Wait how do I go to the Black Core Zone? I can't find the portal
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Wait how do I go to the Black Core Zone? I can't find the portal
Nevermind, I found act 1 & 3 of Black Core... but I can't find act 2
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I found a bug; you can't go to the gameplay area from the hangout area
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This music sounds familiar.
Probably because it's that one

Which is, judging by your profile pic, made by the same composer as Sonic Unleashed.


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SuperOfSrb2 updated SRB2Hub for 2.2!! with a new update entry:


Gameplay Section:
Removed Castle Legacy, added Techno Legacy and Forest Fortress to their zones, added NiGHTS hub, fixed Haunted Heights zone, fixed cookie easter egg, fixed mud in Castle Eggman hub, and added shields to Master Emerald shrine.
Hangout Section:
Fixed cafeteria easter egg, you can now go to Gameplay Section through the door
Fixed messy stuff in the wad, fixed some graphics, removed obsolete maps, removed broken scripts, made Master Emerald and GFZ Tree into their own...

Read the rest of this update entry...


This map is rad! I love the different sections and how varied the hangout things are. All the little interactable objects seem like great distractions for when you're waiting for someone to connect. Would be cool if you took some notes from the oldc hubs, mainly the voting menu for entering a level and the button to go back to the hub from a level. Pretty sure both those aspects are reusable as long as you ask the coders involved.


2.9 is the version of the mod, in theory it should work with any 2.2 version. I have not tried it myself, but i dont think this stage uses lua, so the chances its broken are slim


MusicSlot in level headers doesn't work in V2.2.10, so SRB2 Hub's music doesn't play when you load the map.
Changing "MusicSlot = 60" to "Music = MAP60M" fixes it.


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ok so i have already made 5 maps for srb2hub and i was just gonna post 'em when i found out this isn't a reusable source, so effectively i wasted A WEEK for smth i can't even publish

even then i don't think anyone would've liked them soooo 😕

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hear a question when I go to the part of deep sea and I want to enter act 3 the gargoyles that are next to the switches do not pass the limit anymore and I was wondering why that happens? and another thing when I start the level the music at the beginning does not load if I go to gameplay are yes but if I go to Hangout area it does not load but if I go to the cafeteria if it will load it will be some mistake of mine or it happens to other people

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