SRB2 version 2.1 Android port discussion?!?!

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Now before I start this I'll acknowledge that yes this thread exists but it's old and is a giant text box that I don't want to edit for the purposes of being more friendly and reflecting the current rules a lot better so with that out of the way I'll start this off.

So I found out after looking in the Gitlab that the Android port of SRB2 most likely started around 2013-2014 because of this.


If it's been in development for that long then most likely there's a Beta/Alpha version of an android port of SRB2 version 2.1 out there somewhere in which it may exist but it also may not exist, that's all I have but it's pretty good evidence that there may be an actual Android port of SRB2 version 2.1 out there but what do y'all think.

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