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This thread was originally going to focus on SRB2Kart but I realized that it would kinda break some forum rules so I changed it around a bit and repurposed the thread to a discussion thread about all things SRB2 on Android, well with the backstory out of the way let's get to the point.

Here is the thread where you can talk about the Android ports of SRB2 alongside some SRB2 mods that already have Android support and how ports for mods of SRB2 would have to be like to work but this is not the place to suggest what SRB2's Android ports needs or something around that note because there's already a thread for that and also forum rules still apply here so read up on them before posting here.

Here is where I talk about SRB2 on Android.
first off an Android port of SRB2 version 2.1 is very much possible but someone just has to step up to the plate to make it but this is because SRB2 already has Linux support and we already have the 2.2 Android ports to go off of alongside the fact that the code for SRB2 version 2.1 is simpler than the code for SRB2 version 2.2, SRB2 version 2.0 on the other hand is a different story on the other hand because it doesn't have that much support for other platforms or at least support that is being handed out to the public and that is because SRB2 version 2.0 daybued in the year 2006 which might even mean that it daybued a whole 15 years ago so Sonic team junior definitely didn't have the materials at the time but now there are more than enough materials for both a Linux and Android port but it would take a lot longer compiling the code though.

The 1.0 versions are most likely possible but they're so old that there isn't really a reason to port them to mobile really other than "oh hey the super form isn't in this version of SRB2", the Christmas and Holloween versions... Get a DOS emulator.

To end things off the versions before the Christmas and Holloween versions will need to be fully recreated in a different engine to be compatible with Android... But with how much time has passed someone can literally make revamped versions of those SRB2/SRB versions on Android and Android alone so it can literally be in development right now for all we know.

Well that's the end of my talk about outdated versions of SRB2.

Yeah there's a lot less here because there isn't that much to be talked about here

Here is where I rant off about talk about things relating to SRB2Kart on Android.
I may not be a kartkrew Dev but... I'm sick and tired of seeing people say "WhErE's ThE SrB2KaRt AnDrOiD pOrT" so I'm here to explain why it can't really work, you see first off you don't move when you press forward on the keyboard/controller but instead when you press a separate button which is already a huge red flag for phone users but also SRB2Kart uses around 4 to 5 buttons all at once in which is almost impossible for phone users with how small a phone screen is compared to a laptop/Chromebook/computer screen which is usually at the very least on average 1000 by 1000 pixels big in which most phones at most are around 900 by 900 pixels which means your phone is going to be chugging like the entire time and to top it off SRB2Kart is mostly an online only game because that's how kart games are usually by default and if you ask "well what abo-" you know what shut up, tilt controls are very hard to set up which is why big (or small) companies are usually the only people willing to set it up (for better or worse) because it's harder to set up than controller support (to my knowledge) and as stated it above it just won't work at all.

Now yes you can technicly play SRB2Kart on Android but the options are-

1. Get an Android app that can install any and all types of exe files from a suspicious website that has most likely filled your phone with a bagillion viruses.

2. Get a Linux emulator and install the Linux version of SRB2Kart.



Even then it's a lot better to use a controller and if it was that simple then we would have an Android port for almost every SRB2 version with Linux support but it isn't like that because the coding is just too difficult for a kart game to be on Android because of how much needs to be considered for the Android port and I'm pretty sure almost all of you know that even vanilla SRB2's servers has a lot of problems with Android users so it's most likely going to be a nightmare for SRB2Kart considering how many servers exist that are stuffed to the brim with mods.

There's a lot more I can say about it but I think the points been proven that an Android port for SRB2Kart is almost impossible so that's the end of my explanation unless it really does require further explanation or whatever.

so let's say there are plans for an Android port for SRB2Kart but now the question is how it would be like, of course I will mostly be going over facts while going into opinion when it's required but with that out of the way let's begin.

First off the menu system will need to be a carbon copy (or at least very close to it) as the Android port of SRB2 version 2.2.6 (or at least in the beginning) because of how SRB2Kart's menu system is which is almost entirely just like the multiplayer options screen in vanilla SRB2 which wouldn't feel great with the menu's of SRB2's Android menu system, second off it will also have a similar buttons setup system but of course with SRB2Kart's custom name buttons and less focus on the buttons like Nfire or whatever (or even just made completely unavailable) because they're kinda just pointless buttons that don't really work with the setup of a phone so the buttons available (to my knowledge) would be these.

1.the basic's- accelerate, brakes, item, drift, pause/menu, Dpad/joystick
2.the custom stuff- custom 1, custom 2, custom 3
3.the technical- talk/chat, console, leaderboard

Of course one of the objectives would be to get tilt controls but that would take a while so that's why Dpad/joystick was included as an available button, next it would mostly be like vanilla SRB2 with how the options would work but with SRB2Kart's custom options of course.

The game would control basically just like normal SRB2Kart but without the ability to move the camra of course because SRB2Kart already doesn't allow you to do that in base game, next nothing will be done about the master server problem as usual because it's super difficult to deal with and we all know it at this rate so online will unfortunately just be as shitty as ever for Android users (example: running at 5fps).

Well that's about covers all that needs to be covered I think because it will mostly just be SRB2Kart on Android as everyone expects it (mostly) so that's the end of my explanation of how an Android port of SRB2Kart would be like (in my opinion) so cya in a bit.

Here is where I talk about custom exe file mods for SRB2
Simple question- Android port?
Simple awnser- no because of way to many reasons so to get a full understanding of why then you really should just check out it's thread.

this is so possible that I'm surprised that it hasn't been done yet because the source code is open for the public either that or the source code can be compiled for an Android port which means that IdolFes already can be played on Android.

it's most definitely doable but the creator of the custom mod was last online almost an entire year ago so even though the source code is open to the public it would be hard without the person who created it because the creator knows the backs and fourths of the mod because he's the one who made it, other than that it's possible.

Well that's about it for my side but I would like to know all of y'all's side on the topic, remember that forum rules still apply here so read up on them before posting.

Also please note that the reason why I'm heavily enforcing the forum rules is primarily because of rules 8, 15, and 16 which I really want to avoid having be broken here for obvious reasons.

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