[MOD] SRB2 TGF Remake [Beta 1]

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If you haven't seen me post about it in the editing forum, I was doing a remake of SRB2TGF, a sequel to SRB1 using The Games Factory. It was basically SRB1, but much bigger. Or, at least the levels make it seem that way. While still sporting the bizare controls, it had monitors and special stages, so they were getting somewhere, but the team decided to cancel the project, rebranding and modifying the game into "SRB1 Christmas." With that out of the way, the team moved onto better things.

As for this project, I did GFZ1 and GFZ3 in the SRB2 we know today, with SRB1 Xmas Sonic, and the TGF Crawlas and Eggman boss. I was going to do GFZ2, but then I looked at how many damn stairs I would need to make FOFs for, both floor and ceiling stairs, and realized that this was way too much effort from lazy ol' me to make for something so subpar in its original form, so I just gave up on it for now. Maybe I'll be back later. Maybe not. Let's just call this a beta and put it on hiatus for now.

Other changes include converting midis from the original games and midis for stages used in normal SRB2 for the soundtrack. The reason these are midis converted to OGG rather than just being midis is for the sake of fixing issues with loading midis on certain computers, especially in netplay. Granted, I'll probably take forever, if anytime at all, getting to the other levels, but the music is there. Aside from that, nothing else has changed. The old intro script is still in SRB2, but the assets for them are gone and I'm too lazy to put them back in right now. Again, another time, perhaps.

So for anyone that was curious about the project, here you go. This might be as far as it's gonna get, but I did learn a thing or two, so it wasn't a total wash. Maybe I will get back to this, but I wouldn't bet on it. Oh, and thanks to RedEchidna/RedEnchilada for helping with Lua code. I sure didn't know what the hell I was doing!


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Wow, a Remake Of SRB TGF , this is great, and will be cool if you finish it ..
I Also Love the New Sprites(Or Maybe i have to say old) =D


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Well, at least we've got this. Gonna be kinda fun to play through this. Now let's wait until glaber or someone else decides to pick this up.

EDIT: Ehh, there's not really much to the pack. I hope that this will be completed soon.
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Oh man, you gave up too soon. I was hoping we could combine our efforts since I was actually making progress on act 2.

Oh and about that old intro script, I have it active in my mod and it's busted.

Timing is not what the script says it should be. It's possible the new opening may be interfering.

Edit: It's not the new intro. The old one is just badly soced.
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