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Whenever i start the application, there is something appearing "A WAD file was not found or invalid"... I don't know the the WAD file i am going to put.

<ZarroTsu> hell why aren't barriers in kart mode I wonder
<ZarroTsu> if rings/coins had kart mode use, magnet barrier would be boss; whirlwind is pretty much the feather; elemental barrier could be something to let you drive on water; and armageddon is the 'make everyone else wipe out' sort of item
<ZarroTsu> actually
<ZarroTsu> idea
<ZarroTsu> all barriers only last a few seconds
<Senku_Niola> barriers last 7 seconds!
<ZarroTsu> whirlwind lets you jump once, magnet is instant use all-coins-nearby-go-to-you, etc.
<Iceman404> Zarro
<Iceman404> That magnet is unnecessarily OP
<ZarroTsu> and then the shield barrier just reflects anything that hits you one time
<ZarroTsu> which is why I say one-instant-use
<ZarroTsu> and probably also only a short distance
<ZarroTsu> map makers would need to be careful not to put a giant square of rings somewhere
<ZarroTsu> else a magnet user skullfucks the map
<ZarroTsu> also when I think about it, to make barriers different from other Mario kart items, have them act like normal barriers otherwise
<ah2190> armageddon shield in Kart = POW Block
<ZarroTsu> <ZarroTsu> ; and Armageddon is the 'make everyone else wipe out' sort of item
<ZarroTsu> if barriers were items, have the first item use button press form the barrier on the player
<ZarroTsu> this would have it function to absorb an item that hits you
<ZarroTsu> if so it cancels
<ZarroTsu> but if you press the button again to use the barrier, it cancels but does its effect
<ZarroTsu> save for shield barrier which just reflects the item
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<ZarroTsu> so you could use a whirlwind barrier, then use triple green shell, and when all shells are gone, then the no-item button press will activate the barrier
<ZarroTsu> let you jump about a blue spring high
<ZarroTsu> spring sfx included :[
<Senku_Niola> What if it spawned a temporary spring?
<ah2190> Hmm... I'm gonna need someone who's not doing a CTF map for the current OLDC to help me out somewhat
<Senku_Niola> If a player is fast enough they could "borrow" the same spring
<Senku_Niola> It would only last 1-2 seconds
<ZarroTsu> if it can, but it'd have to guarantee user touch in any situation, and disappear immediately after
<ZarroTsu> well
<ZarroTsu> spawning a spring seems silly
<ZarroTsu> unless there's a spring ITEM
<ah2190> ^
<MIDIMonster> Heheh, spring item
<ZarroTsu> that drops a one-time use spring behind you, or thrown in front of you
<ZarroTsu> which would be awesome
<Senku_Niola> Screw barrier, add spring then
<ZarroTsu> when I say barrier I mean all barriers :x
<ZarroTsu> I mean it IS srb2 still
<ah2190> Indeed
<ZarroTsu> and they CAN be pretty cool items if done right
<MIDIMonster> Yeah, spring item seems an interesting idea
<Senku_Niola> Use as a shortcut or screw people up and throw it behind you near a turn/cliff
<ZarroTsu> heh
<MIDIMonster> Though, come to think of it
<MIDIMonster> Would it have much use in the current MK mode maps?
<ZarroTsu> trying to think of how many ways a spring can both fuck someone else and help you
<ZarroTsu> like a low ceiling, bounce a person into it's front
<MIDIMonster> Lol
<Senku_Niola> Throw in front of you, use it, player behind you attempts to use the spring, it poofs, pit, whee
<ah2190> Bye bye.
<ZarroTsu> or if there's a short wall that the track S-turns around then you can jump the bracket and shave off a good second
<ah2190> lulz
<ZarroTsu> problem is you have to be really skillful in throwing an item as to get its distance right
<MIDIMonster> Not to mention there'd actually have to be such a wall to use it on
<ZarroTsu> and another problem is if a map maker fucks the map in that jumping a wall means you miss a checkpoint
<Senku_Niola> player ahead of you, hit a boost pad, use your spring, fly over other player :D
<ZarroTsu> like black bliss zone
<ZarroTsu> ^@senku
<ZarroTsu> Jesus that makes bananas hit yourself so often
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<ZarroTsu> actually
<ZarroTsu> more often it's when you boost into a spring and use an item
<ZarroTsu> so you could technically
<ZarroTsu> spring jump at the height of a spring
<Senku_Niola> I hit my own banana's all the time in MKWii somehow from throwing them BEHIND me >:<
<Senku_Niola> *bananas
<MIDIMonster> Heh
<ah2190> Double Jump
<ZarroTsu> ^
<ZarroTsu> whirlwind barrier followed by spring or vice versa
<MIDIMonster> Now the idea of a bumper item comes to mind
<Senku_Niola> red spring, oh god
<ZarroTsu> although if barrier is done right you wouldn't be able to use it until after you fire your item off
<ZarroTsu> UNLESS
<ZarroTsu> there's a button to activate barrier
<ZarroTsu> such as the flag throw button
<ZarroTsu> which would mean
<ZarroTsu> barriers would be different from items
<ZarroTsu> which is also a good possible idea
<ZarroTsu> maybe
<ZarroTsu> you get one at the end of a lap
<ZarroTsu> like a random item box only with barriers
<ah2190> Like how Weapon Rings are different from shields in Vanilla SRB2
<ZarroTsu> derp
<ZarroTsu> say the end of a lap it triggers a secondary item reel for barriers and you get the random single-use barrier
<Senku_Niola> 1st place gets OP barrier, oh well!
<ZarroTsu> nah
<ZarroTsu> first place would only get something like shield barrier
<ah2190> A weak shield barrier
<ZarroTsu> when I say shield barrier I mean it'll act like every other barrier's "absorb if hit" thing, but will instead reflect it
<Senku_Niola> Also red shells need fixing :<
<MIDIMonster> In what way, Senku
<ZarroTsu> unless we throw in the neutral barrier from sonic 1
<ZarroTsu> which is the dud item for first place people
<Senku_Niola> Follow the damn track to the nearest target ahead of you
<Senku_Niola> :<
<ah2190> Only lasts one hit, but certain items (Blue Shells) are not nulled by it
<ZarroTsu> yeh
<ZarroTsu> although shield barriers vs blue shell...?
<ZarroTsu> I suppose shield barrier would actually absorb the blue shell unphased
<ZarroTsu> but obviously not reflect it
<ZarroTsu> well
<ah2190> But it will short the whole shield out, no matter how strong it is
<ZarroTsu> maybe the shield barrier has two hits anyway
<Senku_Niola> reflect shield would bounce the shell behind you and hit anyone tailing you
<ZarroTsu> first hit reflects and can absorb the blue shell
<MIDIMonster> Then it'd be a Force Shield
<ZarroTsu> second hit is the dummy normal hit
<ZarroTsu> which absorbs shells but doesn't block blue shell
<ZarroTsu> person in first will always get the dummy half-shield
<ZarroTsu> which is still useful vs redshells and bananas
<ah2190> But useless against the Blue Shell
<ZarroTsu> duh
<Senku_Niola> lightning bolt?
<ZarroTsu> but single use hardly gives much of an edge
<ZarroTsu> yeah doesn't block lightning either
<ZarroTsu> maybe Armageddon
<Senku_Niola> Mega mushroom?
<ZarroTsu> if Armageddon is just an instant-banana-peel for everyone
<ZarroTsu> I question how it would block things like stars or megashrooms
<ah2190> Armageddon should ignore all shields, but keep them intact.
<ZarroTsu> <ah2190> Armageddon should ignore all shields, but keep them intact. <- sure
<ZarroTsu> person in last is most likely to get Armageddon anyway
<ZarroTsu> so the edge is needed
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Why is it??
Your resolution might be incompatible with the HUD. Try setting it to 640x400 or 800x600.
Yes, that's right. Your resolution has to be a multiple of 320x200 (such as 320x200, 640x400 or 1280x800) for the Riders HUD to appear correctly (the same holds true in regular SRB2 but it's not as drastic). What I want to know is why you even changed the resolution from the default 640x400 in the first place.

And on another note, I forgot SRB2 Riders had a map feature.

...I forgot SRB2 Riders existed.

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I have that exact same issue, my computer only has 1 green resolution and I find it too big. all the rest seem to be a multiple of 640 x 480, which hey, that image is the same resolution.
Still looks better than 640x480 because it doesn't screw up the HUD.
I think you meant to say 1680x1050. Actually, apart from the automap in SRB2 Riders (which I never play anyway), there's hardly any deformation to the HUD that would bother me. And it almost never crashes either.
Well, how would you tell a resolution-related crash apart from a resolution-unrelated crash? I doubt that you get the EIP and locate the problem in the source code every time the game crashes on you, so how would you know?
Well, how would you tell a resolution-related crash apart from a resolution-unrelated crash? I doubt that you get the EIP and locate the problem in the source code every time the game crashes on you, so how would you know?

Because SRB2 2.0.x has never crashed for me ever except when it's obviously related to a file I added?
The sprite limit has already been removed from (all?) branches. There's no sprite limit anymore.

I still get this error when testing my character wad:

SRB2 Riders said:
R_AddSingleSpriteDef: too much sprite replacements (numspritelumps)

AND I am using 2.46.5! Any tips? The lumps say:

FUZZA2 and so on...

So HOW is that sprite replacement?! I really need help on this.
The answer is to not use Riders because it's just that broken. Custom characters are impossible for Riders for multiple reasons.
mario should be added to the character list. For riders mode, he could ride on a shell like in 64. Similarly, nights mode would feature him in a winged cap. Kart mode is pretty obvious.
SRB2 Riders is deeeeeeeeeeeeeead.

Stop dicking around here unless CZ pops in to say hi. Then you'll be justified in making suggestions and whatnot.

But its been, what, 6 months since he's done anything? I think it's safe to say SRB2Kart has usurped this mess, and if anyone is really dead set on the riders or R modes... You shouldn't be Take the time to see how often CZ has actually checked in to state his progress, or even update. Count the pages, count the months.

In short, stop making this thing look active after it clearly died; you're not only giving people the right to beat a dead horse and the false hope that it started moving, you're forcing its superior child to watch.
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