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Is the HTTP downloader not working a known issue? When I try to join a server that uses it, the game softlocks until something eventually times out.

edit: This no longer applies to the latest version.
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Hi there! Loving this! Question though, is it possible to use console commands on switch? If so, how?
1.3 is out. Link in OP as usual. HTTP downloads working now.

Hi there! Loving this! Question though, is it possible to use console commands on switch? If so, how?

You'll need to set the bind for it. Should work with the on-screen keyboard or a USB one.
All right, so after a few hours of fiddling around with the .nro file and having zero luck getting not only the srb2kart mod to work but also failing to load even the srb2 mod on the switch I've come to the conclusion that I do not know how to fix it.

I can get the files to appear in homebrew, while having full RAM access, but upon selecting either of the two files it immediately boots me back to the homebrew menu as if I hadn't done anything. I've checked around other forums, threads, chats and haven't had any luck with people having this or a similar issue so I was wondering if anyone here might be able to provide some insight or have experienced similar issues.

I can get other .nro files to run (I think I had to reinstall my tinfoil at the time because of a bug and used the file I had on hand to do so) but have been completely unsuccessful in getting the two games to start. Also, I looked into converting the .nro files into .NSPs but I think the inability to start the games with full ram access from the main menu is keeping them from loading as they startup but fail to progress resulting in a black screen. I'm not too sure on that one though as I haven't seen too many threads addressing this issue and it could be another rabbit hole in itself.

If you guys have any advice or ideas to throw at me I'm all ears! Thanks in advance!
Hey all, I've just updated the port, and I think it's nearly feature-complete at this point. Some of the notable changes include:

- Online support (!!!)
- Mouse/keyboard support (yes, mouse support)
- Software keyboard support for text fields/console
- Add-ons menu fixed
- Multiplayer menu fixed

Make sure to read the update notes if you've already downloaded this.
Can you be banned for going online in this?
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Sonic Robo Blast 2 Kart for the Nintendo Switch


SRB2Kart is finally playable on the Nintendo Switch! Not really sure what else to say except the notes below. Big thanks to carstene1ns for his work on the initial port; I really only did some polishing work to get this up and running. The game mostly runs at its full framerate (35 FPS).

I've moved most of the details of this post to GitHub in order to make it easier to maintain. Check the link below for the instructions, download, and source.

when i saw this i was like AWW YEah this is HAPPENING. srb2 on switch was made by you. Now kart, just amazing, just how can you have mods on both?
Is this compatible with mods? So for example, could I play on Mocha's server with it?
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So an addendum to the above, it can run mods, but I'm experiencing a strange issue whenever I try to log into a server from the master list. It starts downloading the needed add-ons, but then stops partway through and starts giving SSL errors. At first I thought this was just an issue with Mocha's, but soon realized it's an issue with every server where you need to download more than a couple files.

Here's the pastebin of the log:
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New addendum, so I worked around it by downloading all needed files on my MacBook and copying them to my Switch SD card. That much worked, but now whenever I try to join the server it just tries to "download the game state" and immediately says the server timed out. :sad:
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As of late trying to connect to Online Servers results in an error connecting to master servers. The console window makes mention of SSL and SSH certificates/keys. My first thought was to inquire in the Kart server. In doing so I was informed that those aren't kart files. But instead handled by the OS. So, I ask, is there any way to actually solve this issue?
Is there any way to swap the A and B buttons? I have tried changing them in control settings, but after doing so, I can no longer go back in menus. It treats both A and B as the select button with no back button.
Wow! Late to the party, but SRB2 Kart on the go with no compromises is quite the feat! I don't know if this is the right place to ask, but is there any chance that when the first major release of Dr. Robotnik's Ring Racers comes out, that a Universal Windows Platform version could start development? I don't own a PC to play this game on, but it'd truly be incredible to download this game for the Xbox One & Series X/S systems to play with my friends and family!

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