[SRB2 Kart] Darkvile Castle Kart

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This is a relatively short Mario Kart level that I made after playing the levels that FawfulFan and D00D64 made. It takes place in Eggman's stormy castle and it's pretty easy (there are only two places where it's possible to die).

Screenshots are in attachments.


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It's nice to see a level that focuses on simply doing lots of turns and where you can use items safely. It could use a bit more scenery, though. And the arrows that are on the ground should be intangible FOFs so you won't get stuck there.


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Updated to 1.0.1

  • Arrows are intangible
  • Various adjustments to the spring area
  • Made things a bit more scenic


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Hmmm...the springs are still a bit temperamental. Once or twice I got launched into the slime. But as I found out while making Bowser's Castle, spring placement is one of the toughest things in designing a Mario Kart stage. Besides that, not too bad.


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Huh, how did I put off playing this for so long? It's a pretty good stage, as while it is easy, its very drift friendly, and does vary it up a little in terms of visuals, but it doesn't really have anything that wows you either. It's better than some of the default Kart levels, so I'll give it that.


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Mixed up the map header, please redownload if you managed to get the previous 1.0.3 before I took it down.

Anyways, updated to 1.0.3.

  • Replaced spring room with a thwomp room (Experimental).
  • Moved to map S1.
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