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Demnyx Onyxfur

Demnyx Onyxfur
I found a bug in Rail Station with a spring spawning inside the ground.

Demnyx Onyxfur

Demnyx Onyxfur
I really should've mentioned that every part of the map that has a spring inside a box like that is too far into the ground to be used, my bad.


Little Monster
Yeah that happened in Grand Metropolis as well. I dont remember it happening on Rail Station but I ll test it later


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How do I use thundershoot?

Not every technique from Heroes is present in this.
Such abilities are;
Rocket Accel (Speed Formation)
Tornado Jump (Speed Formation)
Triangle Jump (Speed Formation)
Thunder Shoot (Fly Formation)
Triangle Dive (Power Formation)
Fire Dunk (Power Formation)
Team Blast

It would be some what difficult to get even half of these abilities to work, including the many unmentioned, so expect this to not have every aspect of Heroes' gameplay.


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I'm loving this wad so far. Well, yeah, haven't played much, but at least I was able to explore Seaside Palace and leave with all 4 emblems and a p-bonus. I'm on Power Metropolis right now, but I can't seem to beat this zone because of a strange error in some parts. Precisely, the ones with the blue road things facing upwards. When I try going up, no matter what character I use, I fly into the air, and then the game lags, and leaves a crash message shortly afterwards. Is there a specific way to go up there or...?


Nah, 2.1.15 forced this level to SIGSEV at that certain point. I would look into it, but I don't think the owner of this mod knows about the issue yet.

EDIT: Holy shit, I can't even load this level in Zone Builder, it literally has an error upon loading.

EDIT 2: Ok, NONE of the levels will load in Zone Builder... I'm only going to assume that it was made with 2.0 Doom Builder, I mean what the hell...
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an request and an evaluation of the mod.

you can create a whats with mod character: vector, espio, charmy, rouge, 123-omega and the big,and great mod,congratulations.



Does nothing at all.
I'm having a problem.


For some reason, whenever I climb up the conveyor belt, my game crashes.



Here are 3 crash images i snipping tooled:



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Perhaps I'm a bit late here, but could you provide EIPs of the crashes you got? They should be provided with the crash logs in errorlog.txt (srb2win.RPT doesn't currently produce anything for v2.1.16, so don't worry about that).

I'm assuming of course first that you're using v2.1.16, the latest version of SRB2, that said.

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