SRB2 Cursed Images

And his tails run away
Oh, that's not actually Tails, that's a custom character I'm working on. I'm using Tails' sprites as placeholders, but I didn't include the followitem. The character's actually supposed to look something like this (but wearing a toga rather than mummy wrappings and a sarashi):
Tell me what's wrong with these images.


If you dont know look closer.
So basically, Fang doesnt have his hat (also whats wrong with the background in the 2nd image
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Honey but only the head and hair parts are shown
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IS THAT THE GUY FROM FNFView attachment 82286
1st image is logan mccloud sugoi sonic,
also whicch addon did you use (for the 2nd image)
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I love SRB2.
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WHAT THE HELL IS THIS LMAO, you jusy like put BRG, squishy and the curve
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im not pretty sure that looks based but you need to look closely, theres not that listen red and white thingy, the pupils have no shine, they are missing arms
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found the secret unused back sprite to the TVs
lmao you litterally went to dane models texture
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(sorry for that spam tho)
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Someplace in Arid Canyon where it should be background
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Is that from one of the OLDC mods?
it's the 2022 round 1 title screen.
I like how it includes both the vanilla characters and some of the downloaded mod characters.
the 2022 round 2 title screen lacks it though :(
I bet there are more characters there though...

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