SRB2 Cursed Images

I placed some Castle Egg bosses in GFZ1 and uhh..
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I tried to mess around with objectPlace, put many every bosses, and put many metal sonic, but once I turn off the objectPlace, it goes like that. Sometimes it craches.
I do remember that I put WAAAAAAAAAAAAY too much boss until everything in the view turned green static, and it's super lag I thought it will crash. The hud still visible and menu still works (but I had to wait longer for menu because of lag).

Man, I love SRB5 V2.3


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teamwork with N64 mario and adventure sonic
also idk if this is cursed i just found this thing odd
water isn't effected by visual settings

E-Gamma is great except for looking down...

the speed of sound.
haha, controversial post go bye bye ⁠ツ
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i dug this up from my onedrive
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That's really looks like a port for sugoi in 2.2, to feel like it's the real port. Also, This is creepy than ever I expected, knuckles looks light yellow for some reason, no clue why he is but it's something. Though I can tell this could have been an actual sequal or a actual port for v2.2, but that might be coming or not.

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