SRB2 2.0.X Bug Reports (Pre-2.0.5)

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Not sure if this is just me, or if it's a bug, but the framerate for FOFs disappearing and reappearing has increased- usually I see a red laser or no laser at all. This is ESPECIALLY annoying for ERZ1. >_>

EDIT: Actually, this is for anything that flashes.


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Cant join

Everytime i try 2 join a server:
1 i cant move
2 everything freezes for 1 min
3 i get kicked
4 server timeout
5 sometimes c-fail
It gets annoying after about 8 times

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I had a save on ERZ2 and played a netgame with my friend, where we ended up in ERZ2 before both of our games crashed. When I got back on and went to play single player, my save said "Completed!"


DSZ has some missing textures, and in the laggy cannonballs area of CEZ2, one wall has a castle top and stops half-way, while all of the others go up to the ceiling.

I've got some screenshots I can upload, if that's too vague.


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Earlier today, I was hosting a CTF game with Kuja, we went to Nimbus Ruins, scored a few points, Kuja went to my base and I was about to Rail him when a joiner came a few frames before my shot, he got C-failed, then I shot at Kuja 2-4 frames later and the game Sigsegv'd
Player 3 has joined the game (node 1)
Player Address is
Kuja picked up the red flag!
Player 3 renamed to ZeldaG0
Illegal color change received from ZeldaG0 (team: 0, color: 0)
Got unknown net command [12]=115 (max 19)
ZeldaG0 has been kicked (Consistency failure)
Player 3 has been kicked (Consistency failure)

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When you shoot someone in a Special Stage, Blue Spheres come out.
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Also... When I had a completed save file as Sonic with all the Emeralds Collected, somehow the Emerald counter got reseted back to 0, but the Save File still stayed completed. I personally have no clue how that happened.


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- After I killed the laser machine in ERZ2, the elemental shield was in the wrong position.

- When the laser fired, the first couple of shots were not centered on the metal part of the machine. It was too right.


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Recyclers halt drowning music.

When playing match with a friend, he kept trying to enter the game, but the game kept putting him back into spectator mode.

If you specify a reason when adding someone to the banlist via the ban command in-game, it also adds another entry of the same IP with the reason "NA".

If you modify ban.txt out-of-game, it will not save when you open SRB2.

If you ban someone in-game, it doesn't save it to ban.txt until after you close SRB2.

If you get a speed shoe/invincibility and then grab an air bubble while you're low on air, the music goes back to the stage music instead of the speed shoe/invincibility music.
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The bug began with this. It only seemed to occur with certain people. yoshibot, zerzavy, and I could not see the icons of any players. Everyone else seemed to be able to.


In Special Stage 4, yoshibot, zerzavy, and I noticed the green Chaos Emerald had disappeared from our tally. Regardless, it still said "GOT THEM ALL!".


Upon reaching Arid Canyon Zone, I discovered I was able to go super with 6 Chaos Emeralds. What was more, going super restored my icon. When I died, my icon disappeared again.

How strange. I now have to restart my computer because of that silly UDP_Socket #10013 error.

If some people in Race finish and the people who haven't finished leave the game, the countdown timer keeps going.
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Anyways, SRB1 Remake Level Select won't unlock for me, even though the source code claims it should unlock after you beat SRB1 Remake. Maybe the map number specified is wrong?


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NiGHTS is glitched in multiplayer, everyone in the server that I was just in went off axis somehow.


If you glide onto like, a little ledge. And wants you get to the top and glide. You glide up. I don't know if thats intended. This also happens in ERZ 1. Where gravity flips when your gliding.

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More images in the spoiler tag


If you don't get it, you can go through the fence, hitting an invisible wall. Then, you can stand on it.


Every time I go to this stage, my green emerald goes away, and I can't see my life icon.

Although, for some reason, it still lets me go super.
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You know where the doors are turning as shown in that video. There is a weird visual glitch when its turning. O_o
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